Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Deployment

I'd like him home now.
Dear Deployment,

I'm kind of over you. Moreover I'm tired of being the mistress to you. I'm his wife dammit.

To be fair it was bound to happen if we're being honest it wasn't really a good match from the beginning. It didn't seem so bad in the beginning...on paper 3 years seems manageable but in reality you kind of suck. We made it through the first 7 months ok. Then we had a month reprieve from you...oh how sweet it was. But then you reared your ugly head and he had to return to you.

And now we're in our longest stretch of the time he comes home again if you don't mess things up it will have been a year and a half that you've had could share you know. I know he is an awesome and amazing man but he is mine and you are greedy and selfish. You have had him a long time and I would like him back.

I know I'm supposed to be the tough and strong Navy wife who can do it all but frankly I'm tired. I got married so I wouldn't have to do it all. And I'd like my best friend, my love, my lover, my handyman, my comedian, my cheerleader, and my husband back.

But I will say you've taught me some things along the way...I can fix a garbage disposal, a light switch, and change the high ceiling light bulbs. I can handle a hurricane, emergency surgery for my mother, emergency surgery for our fur baby Ares, my parents divorce, dealing with contractors, and in general running a household by myself. I know I can survive without him but I don't want to live without him.

And here's the kicker that I think you thrive a Navy wife I'm proud as hell of my husband and what he does for our country, our family, and me! So I stand waiting for him to come home from you. I pray daily for his safety and the safety of his fellow crew members. I pray that he comes home safely and in a similar condition to when he left.

So there you have deployment...our relationship will continue out of duty and honor but know you are not on my top 10 list.

A Navy Wife