Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love - Hate - Hair

I have a truly love-hate relationship with my hair. I have thick, long, very curly hair. As a child it was tangled most of the time and as an adult it still gets pretty tangled. I've tried it long, short, curly, permed, and straightened. I have only had a couple hairdressers who I felt really knew what they were doing. I'm struggling right now with my hairdresser I like what she does but her prices keep going up, up, up. Last time I was there it was $60 to get my hair cut because she prefers to wash it, blow dry it, and flat iron it before cutting. So I have an appointment with my friend's hairdresser to see what we can do. We'll see...but here are a few pictures of my hair over the past few appointment is next Friday I'll post pics when she's done.

1998-1999ish after it had been set on rollers
2007 in hair loves it there
2009 when I went SHORT and black J loved it!!
2011 at a friend's wedding
My current cut when it is straight...please ignore the I could kill you look


*~BrittDill~* said...

I am having a hard time finding a hair dresser I like here in Va because of the price as well. In Pa my hair dresser did cut, color, style, and eyebrow wax for $65!!! Now people want $60 for just a cut and style? I just can't bring myself to pay it, so every time I go to Pa I schedule an appointment with her. lol Also My aunt has thick, curly hair and struggles with styling it. I found it funny that you said your hair loved England because when she worked in England she always loved her hair! Can't wait to see your new hair style! :)

Amy Hervey said...

Oooh, my favorite is the curly in England! Was that one easy to take care of? Here in Okinawa, my hair just wants to puff out and be frizzy. I don't know WHAT I'm going to do with it.

Mrs. Duh said...

I have the exact opposite problem. My hair is thin and so flat! I'd love thick, curly hair... but I know the grass is always greener on the other side!

I nominated you for "One Lovely Blog" because I just love reading your blog!

Pretty Things said...

My hair is fickle. It will be fine, fine, fine, fine for days, then overnight HOLY HECK CUT ME OFF! I am currently in the Holy Heck phase. Thank goodness for a hair appointment tomorrow!