Monday, April 27, 2009

Going Blind for Weightloss

You are probably thinking I'm going blind reading the small print on labels trying to figure out my points. But alas you would be wrong...I'm going to go blind because my orange squirted me in the eye while I was peeling it. The oranges I bought are very good and nice and sweet....but they have the crazy thickest skin I've ever seen. And I was using a plastic knife to cut through the peel when I got the eye...on my shirt...and possibly my desk. But there are no sacrifices too great for better health. I will persevere and get my fruits and vegetables. OK so it is unlikely that I will actually go blind but it didn't feel too good.

I have to say I'm actually quite proud of myself so far on this go of Weight Watchers. And I think I have their new plan to thank. They have really changed things and it is better for me. The old Flex plan gave me too much freedom. Which is odd...I don't like to be told what to do but if you give me too much robe I can hang myself. This plan gives me freedom but it also gives me guidelines to keep me honest. And I like how they are working activity points this time too. And I admit I'm being more faithful to the plan and last week I saw my biggest first week weight loss in all 5 (maybe 6) times of doing Weight Watchers. So that was an incentive to keep at it.

Now based on the program I should be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. And I admit some days are better than others. I mean I have to walk at work down a long hall to get to our work room (copier, fax, coffee, other essentials) but I doubt that is enough unless I do it 15 times. Which some days I do...others I'm good if I leave my office. I'd been trying to take the dogs for a walk but the two are a little tricky. Eva is good but Ares is a puppy and goes every which way...because he is a puppy. And we had 90 degree weather this weekend...not good for puppies or doggies or really their people to go walking any distance in. So I think I need to join the YMCA near I want to do weights which I can't do at home because I don't have weights. So I think I may stop there on my way home. I'm also considering getting a bicycle so J and I can go riding. I'm just trying to come up with variety. Because if I get bored. I stop doing. It's bad I know. But I also know it is my cross to bear. Wish me luck...