Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Week...How Holy is it?

I work in a church. I love my co-workers they are wonderful people. And to be honest...and slightly biased...our church members are pretty awesome too. And Holy Week is the high Holy pun intended. However, working in a church causes this week to be stressful, tense, and not so holy sometimes. I'm kind of disappointed in that because I like Holy Week and the history that goes with it. So I'm trying really hard to put the "Holy" back into Holy Week. And to remember why we are here and what we are remembering.

***Soap Box***

Today is Good Friday...also known as Black Friday. Although it is a day of sadness because Christ died for us today. It is also very much a day of triumph because we know the rest of the story...Christ rose from the dead. And because of his sacrifice and the sacrifice of God...we are forgiven. Does it get any better? So today I am trying very hard to remember that Christ died not just for me...but also for the "lovely man who cut me off in traffic," for the kids in our area who are committing crimes for their gang initiation, for the people who frustrate me sometimes, and for everyone. Whether we think they deserve it or not...they are children of God...and if we're honest we don't deserve it either. That is the beauty of God's grace...there is nothing we did, can do, or will do that will cause us to deserve God's grace but God gives it to us anyway.