Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helping others...

From June 2005...

I recently got in contact with a friend of mine from Maine. His name is S (it will make things less confusing to use names) he regrettably informed me that a good friend of mine from Maine passed away his name was B. I'm sorry to say that because we had gotten out of contact I did not know this had happened. He died a couple years ago due to complications from Chrohn's Disease.

B was my first love...we were at a party in 7th grade and he and I talked the whole night. I knew after that he was the one for me. Unfortunately he didn't realize it til a year later (boys are always behind the curve). We went to the 8th grade dance together. Although we never officially went out it was kind of assumed we were a couple or as much of a couple as 8th graders can be. After I left Maine, we lost touch for awhile. Then he found me in around 1998 we had a few visits when he was on his way home from school. They were enjoyable. But for some reason we lost touch again. And I took it for granted that I could find him again. Unfortunately he is gone and I can't find him again. But he will live on my memories as many others do.

As I say good bye to my first love I encourage you to stay in contact with those you love and care about because life is short.

Today...I encourage you to go to the Randomness of Meghan she is walking to help raise money for research of Crohn's and Colitis. If you donate to her walk she will mention your blog on her blog...details are on her blog.