Monday, July 13, 2009

How Relationships Evolve...

This weekend I took J to the airport for a work trip. He and about 3 other guys go for a week to do some training. Last year about this time I dropped him off at the airport and his buddies were already there. Basically he handed me the keys...kissed me real quick...said "love you" kind of quietly and said "see you in a week." Now we've been together almost a year and a half...we got there early, parked the car, went and got him checked in. One of the other guys was there so I asked J if he wanted me to wait with him or go head out. He said "we could get coffee and sit for a bit" so we did. And I commented to him about how times had changed compared to last year in our relationship. I reminded him how last year it was "kisses, love ya, bye" instead of sitting, etc and saying good bye in the airport. At first he tried to deny it...then he admitted we were still new etc last year...and he's grown, etc. and that he liked the current method better.

He is great. I love him. And he fits me perfectly. And I him.