Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Knees and Dogs Don't Mix

aka what I did this weekend...

Friday night at 11:30 PM I picked J up from the airport. He looked rough because he and the boys had been out until 3 AM the night up at 6 AM to start work and didn't get home until 11:30 PM. I felt a little bad for him but it was his own fault. So I wasn't sure what we'd be doing Saturday.

Saturday morning I had a funeral for a friend's Dad at 11 AM and I wanted to go get weighed before that. So I went about my morning while J stayed home with the puppies. I had two friends having picnic/gatherings that day one at 3 PM an hour away the other at 4PM 20 minutes away. We decided since I'd missed the one at 3 the past two years and J had not met all of those people we'd take the dogs and go. We get there all is going well. We decide to take them off the leash since my friend has a big yard. They love it. I love my dogs and they are extremely fun loving energetic animals. My youngest (5 1/2 month old 40 lb) pit bull was running with Eva our oldest when he ran full speed into the back/side of my knee. My knee bent the wrong direction...popped...I fell...threw my drink on J and poor Ares kinda sat down with a "rah roh" look on his face. I got up with J's help and was propped up in a chair with ice for the rest of the day. Fortunately my friend is a nurse and she had Advil and an Ace bandage in her car. I hurt a lot. We ended up still going to my other friend's thing for a bit then I went home and iced it some more.

Sunday I went about my day...went to church...went to see Harry Potter (more on that in a later post) and went to bed.

Monday I woke up still in a fair amount of pain...and my knee buckled twice while I was walking on flat ground. So I called my doctor. Went to see her Tuesday she sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. He had the bedside manner of a porcupine. And it turns out all Ares did was twist my knee no big deal. Ice it. Keep off it. Advil, etc. but in the process of checking out the current injury we found out about an unhealed old injury. My knee cap instead of being in the center is way off to the right. He discussed physical therapy or surgery. The surgery would involve cutting ligaments to get it to move back or cutting the bone in my lower leg. Neither sounds fun or good. So I go for an MRI Saturday and we'll go from there. YAY!!