Monday, July 6, 2009

Weight Watcher Weigh-In Week 12

Wow what a difference a week makes...the past two weeks I'd gained 2.4 lbs each week. I admit I was not happy. So I decided to start over...I went back and re-read the week 1 materials. What a difference it made. I went back to following the program much more faithfully. It paid off...

Weigh-in: -4.2
Total: -9

I was so excited I almost did a dance. But they were busy so I didn't want to delay those behind me. But it works when you work it. Now this past weekend I didn't do as good but I have this week to get back on track.

Meeting Topic: Surviving the 4th
I usually go to the 11:00 AM meeting on Saturdays...because of the holiday my meeting place was closed on Saturday so I went to the 11:00 AM meeting on Friday. I had a great was a bit crowded because of them being closed on Saturday but the leader was the same leader I had my first (maybe my second) time I did WW. It was great. She is a great leader...she's fun...she's knowledgeable...she's frank...and she runs the meeting well. I loved it. I can't go to her meeting at my center on Friday's at 11:00 AM unfortunately but there is a meeting led by her at 12:30 PM at the center by my office so I think I may switch over there. We'll see. I'd love to be back with her.

As for the meeting...we were all given a paper plate and asked to draw to scale the food items we'd be eating at our picnics and to guess the points. Well most of us guessed high...high. And when she told us how much we actually eat and what the points were we were surprised. I liked the plate trick for planning. I'm a visual person and so seeing it in actuality works for me. I was surprised at some of my overestimating on points. I don't think I underestimated one thing on my plate which is odd for me. Usually I think I'm not doing that bad and then when I calculate it it is horrible. I think the tools are really working for me this time and my mindset is changing. Finally!!!