Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Up in the military style

You gotta love the military. It keeps life fun and exciting. And you are always on your toes. Now is no exception...there are a number of things up in the air for us right now.

First...J is up for Chief again. And they post the results normally around the end of July/ beginning of August. It is a bit of a stressful time because it is a big promotion for him and it includes some nice benefits including a pay increase. Last year we had things up in the air for a while because of him being up for it and he didn't get it. He was disappointed but it worked out well because we got to spend time with his family and I got to meet them. This year we are planning on going to his family reunion the end of August/beginning of September but if he makes Chief those plans go out the window. It is sort of bitter sweet...we want him to make Chief but we have some cool plans for the Family Reunion. Ultimately my prayer is for Chief. But that is in the board and God's hands now. So say a prayer, light a candle, cross your fingers, do whatever you do...keep positive thoughts that J makes Chief. And I'll let you know. March J will move to a new assignment. He is done with shore duty...which has made life very nice for us. And he has to pick a new assignment...the options aren't plentiful so right now we are looking at an overseas assignment for a year, a European assignment for three years, or an East Coast assignment for three years. His plan right now is that overseas and Europe would be unaccompanied. And a year I can handle...I'm not so sure about three with a visit every six months but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. It may be that none of them pan out. So we sit and wait. Gotta love the military.

The joys of Churchy and Her Sailor :-)