Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Just Saying

I work in a church. I am not a pastor. I have designed worship bulletins and even planned worship services in a crunch. I like to tell stories to people. I would ultimately love to become a public story teller. Possibly a pastor but I don't think so...but I am going to share one of my favorite stories...

"Lost and Found"
When I was little probably around 5 maybe 6 my Mom and I went to the BX (base exchange) one afternoon to do some shopping. Now as a child I liked to explore, wander, walk off, etc. whatever you want to call it. But I was usually pretty good at keeping Mom in eye shot. On this particular afternoon I wandered one direction and Mom obviously wandered another. When I turned to find her she was gone. I started to look for her but could not find her anywhere. I began to get concerned...about that time a nice lady found me and took me to the front of the store to the staff people. I explained I'd lost my Mommy. They assured me it would be fine they would help me find her. The real thing was I hadn't lost my Mommy at all I had wandered away from her and gotten lost. The very nice clerk asked me what my Mommy's name response "Mommy" she said "yes but what is her real name"...again "Mommy." So she thought she'd try a different approach "what does your Daddy call her?" I stopped and thought (probably giving a glimmer of hope) and replied "Your Mom." The clerk was just getting ready to try another approach when my Mom showed up. She had been looking for me the whole time. And she decided that the front of the store was the best place to find me. She came to me. I think the clerk was relieved because she didn't have to figure out who my Mom was from my vague answers. And Mom was relieved that I was OK.

The beauty of this story for me is that this is a perfect illustration of my faith journey. I started out with God. We were doing great. I might go exploring but God was always in my eye line. Then one time God was no longer in my eye line...but not because He had moved because I had moved away. And I admit it took me a bit to get to someone who could help me get back to Him. But the beauty of the story is I didn't have to find God. He was looking for me...I was lost but now am found. I admit the song "Amazing Grace" makes me teary every time. "I once was lost but now am found, twas blind but now I see." We do not have to find God. He is always there even when we do not see Him and particularly when we don't want to see him. I admit I often chuckle when people say "I've found God" or "I've found Jesus." I want to look at them and say "I didn't know they were missing." I am glad that God and Jesus are in their lives don't get me wrong...nothing brings me more joy. But I want them to realize...they were lost and God has found them not the other way around.

The Lord has promised good to me.
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be,
As long as life endures.

It is through my faith that I have made it this far in my life. And I'm not sure how you do it without faith.


Mama Bear June said...

Great story and comparison! I don't know how people do it without faith either.
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