Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Thanks to a wonderful thing called Netflix I've been going back and watching the earlier seasons of LOST. My husband thinks I should of done this before I ever started watching but to be honest I wasn't into it that much in the beginning I just watched it because he did. Now I get it. With a bit more history (or back story) it is much more interesting and it makes a lot more sense. So I'm on episode 12 of season One (yeah I have a lot to go). And we watched the current episode last night.

Some observations: *SPOILER ALERT* Don't read if you haven't watched and don't want to know what happened.
  • First we suspected that John was not good and was up to something bad.
  • It was sad to lose Sayid, Sun, and Jin especially the way we lost them. The fact that Jin stayed when he could have left was a bittersweet moment. The island has brought people back so we'll see.
  • Having Kate and Sawyer hurt seems like they could be next to go but they do have Jack to help them so we'll see. 
  • We suspect that the other reality is going to cross the island reality soon but we're not sure how.
  • We suspect that Claire is going to be the end of John.
  • We suspect that Jacob is going to be the evil on the island and that "the man in black" is going to be the good. 
  • We suspect John is the new Jacob and Desmond will be the new "man in black"
  • Smokey/John has a weak spot but we don't know what it is. (Maybe they have to be in the temple)
  • Desmond may well be the key to getting off the island and/or destroying John.
  • There are still many surprises to come....