Friday, May 28, 2010


Do you ever get disconnected from friends just due to life getting in the way? It isn't intentional. It just happens.

I have some friends who I was very close to a couple years ago and now we rarely talk to each other. When we do we love it and promise we'll do better in the future but work, families, etc happen and we lose touch again. And it is ok. I miss them but I know when it is time we will come back together. In the meantime we hold onto the knowledge that the other is there. I've had other friends come and go and now we're close as ever again. I trust there is a reason why some people are close to you at certain times. But it still saddens me slightly that we aren't as close as we once were...

When J and I got married I inherited...2 parents-in-law...7 siblings-in-law (5 of them have spouses)...and 13 nieces and nephews. I was all gung ho at the family reunion to get birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, etc for each of them to remain in contact and then I haven't. So I'm setting a goal while J is away to gain contact with his family. Keep them up to date on us, him, and me. We'll see...I still have the great idea of making a family calendar that has all the dates through out and then a list of addresses in back.

I think the problem is that there is so much stuff in our daily lives that when we get home we want to decompress and not deal with people. That might just be me...I love being at home with J and the puppies. I'm quite a home body now which is quite different from when I met J because I went out all the time. And I still enjoy that on occasion but I like being at home. Some friends have "blamed" J for my disappearance but really it is my choice. And when I'm home I don't want to be on the phone because I want to spend time with J. I am realizing that I do need to do a little bit of work on those relationships and it will happen in time.

The other thing I look at is they can call us too. J and I both have friends that grumble about how they never see us or hear from us. But they don't call us either so I think we are all busy with our lives.