Monday, May 3, 2010

Monster Trucks and Cinco de Mayo...

Or what I did this weekend...

Last time J's sister M and her fiance J were over my J offered to take him out this past weekend for his final hurrah of sorts. So Friday night M's fiance came over and the guys went out bar hopping. They had a good time even though some of the bars were a bit dead for a Friday. While they were out I finished the jewelry I was making for J's sister for her maid of honor. It was a good night for the puppies and I, they laid around and I got a lot done. Normally Ares goes in his crate and Eva just roams the downstairs but with M's fiance spending the night on the couch we realized that they would need to sleep upstairs. I made up the couch and headed to bed. We (the puppies and I) were all peacefully sleeping when the guys got home. The dogs went nuts barking and whining. So needless to say it was a late night with little sleep. M loved the jewelry and thinks her sister (the maid of honor) will love it too.

Saturday we woke up around 8:00 AM with the puppies ready to go. So we got up made coffee, etc. J had a to-do list of stuff he wanted to get done around the house. But he wasn't really motivated so he sat and sat. We had a friend's son's birthday party to go to at 2:00 PM that day so he felt his day was shot time wise and he postponed the list to Sunday. So we went to Lowe's to get supplies for the projects and then to Target for a birthday present for our friend's son. He is a four year old boy...what does he like Monster we got him a monster truck race set with an additional monster truck. We also bought his older brother a monster truck so he could play too. It was fun shopping for him. Then home to get ready to go to the party. We got there and it was a nice quiet party. Good food of hot dogs and hamburgers and a yummy cake!!

Then we came home to let our neighbors dog out and get ready for our next event. We headed to our friends' annual Cinco de Mayo party. We had so much fun. J was the designated driver so I had a few (too many) margaritas. It was a lot of fun that night but not so much fun the next morning. It took me most of the day to feel normal. J however felt great and got his list knocked out including installing an awesome new fan in our living room. Oh what a wonderful difference it makes. And he makes it look so easy to just throw it up there and go. And it has a remote (we have high ceilings) so you can adjust the speed easily. It helped cool down the house but we still ended up turning on the AC to help cool down the puppies. We ordered in dinner and watched Celebrity Apprentice.

I'm trying to get up to date on previous seasons of Lost before the series finally. And thanks to Netflix I can get all the previous seasons instantly. It is great so we watched episodes all afternoon. I know I'm a little behind but it seems fitting to catch up before it goes off.