Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some things are worth letting go...

Growing up every Spring we had Spring cleaning that included sorting through clothes, toys, craft supplies, fabric, notions, etc. (my mother was an avid seamstress) and of course cleaning away the cobwebs and dust. My mother has increased the frequency of this since my brother and I have moved out. She is constantly sorting through things to see what can go. I know one day I will appreciate this...and I admit I too sort.

Every time I bring out my summer clothes or my winter clothes I sort through to see what I can give away or throw away. Every time I've moved I sort through papers, magazines, dishes, kitchen ware, clothes, shoes, purses, etc. and there is always a good sized pile of things that end up leaving. When I bought them "I couldn't live without them" but now I don't need them. And interestingly enough I've learned over time that letting go of something (or someone) makes room for something else (or someone else).

A few examples:

My divorce was final in June of 2004. Since that time I had dated, tried connecting with different guys but none worked out. In February of 2008 I spoke to a jeweler about either selling off my engagement ring and wedding band or making them into something else. That was on a Friday. The next day I met J and the rest is history. I believe it is because of letting go of the past that I was finally able to move on to the future.

I have often held onto clothes that were too small because I might fit back into them. I have found on many occasions that when I get rid of them that is when I start to lose weight. Ironic in a sense but I think it is the process of accepting yourself where you are and loving yourself the way you are that allows you to let go of the weight.

I do not equate people with things...people are not objects. That being said I think there are times when you have to let go of a person or a relationship to allow new people and relationships in. There have been a few too many relationships (and people) that I have clung to in hopes that it would get better or they would change. But sometimes although you were once good for each other you are no longer good for each other. And sometimes this can be a romantic relationship, a friendship, an acquaintance, and in some cases even a family member. The beauty is that sometimes when you let works out that the relationship can be rebuilt.

One of my favorite quotes is "Let Go and Let God"... 
 Sometimes you just have to let go. Do you have anything or anyone that you have had to let go? 


BaileyGirl5 said...

Nice post! I found your blog tonight and this post just hit home with me. I love to sort out and and get rid of things and I have also felt at certain times in my life that I was letting go of emotional baggage too. Very freeing and, yes, good things usually do come afterwards!