Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Understand the Grinch...

I'm not sure why but I'm not really in the holiday spirit. I'm hoping it will come but I won't be surprised if it doesn't. J is gone and we aren't able to talk much while he's underway. My father is spending his time with his new family so it is just Mom and I. Now don't get me wrong we have some fun things planned for my birthday (Dec. 16th) and Christmas but somehow I'm just not there excitement wise.

I'm trying to look at things in general that everything happens for a reason. I get held up at work so I don't get into the car accident because someone was in a rush. I don't get to spend Christmas with J so I appreciate my time with him more and I get closer with my mom. My father is in the life of his stepdaughter because she needs a good male role model (ok I admit I snicker slightly as I type that). But you get my point. I know God has a master plan and I just have to trust it. I know that faith doesn't always come with full understanding.

So I'm working on it but it is slow coming. And yet Christmas will be here before we know it. Now I'm off to work on a bulletin for another Christmas service. The joys of Church work!