Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Branching Out


I find it interesting how foods become buzz foods so to speak. The one I keep seeing all over the place is brussels sprouts. And these are not your mama's brussels sprouts. These are gloriously green and crisp looking not overcooked and mushy. (sometimes hidden under artificial cheese goo) I have shunned brussels sprouts for years because I thought they were gross and mushy green balls. But seeing these recipes I've decided to branch out and try them. I'm debating which recipe to try because there are a few that look stunning. I figure if I can change my mind about asparagus (I used to think it was mushy and gross until I had it grilled) then I can change my mind about brussels sprouts.

I have three recipes I'm contemplating...
I'm leaning toward the Pioneer Woman's recipe because I've never had a recipe from her that I didn't like but the others sound heavenly too so I may have to try them all. Now I have to decide if I'll buy them already off the stalk or buy them on the stalk and cut them myself.

So what are somethings that you're trying new this year?