Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Customer Service

I admit it floors me that a number of stores and restaurants aren't stepping up their service right now. It seems like it is going down in some cases. Recently I've had very mixed experiences. For example...

California Pizza Kitchen... both times I've been there recently their service has been above and beyond. Food has been great, correct, and came out quickly. We even found a manager to let him know how good things were.

Cracker Barrel...a group of four of us went for breakfast on a Saturday they were busy but not crazy. Some of us arrived a bit later so they said they were waiting well she disappeared. Then once we got food she was spotty with refills and actually another server took better care of us. So overall the experience was good but not because of our server. So we told the clerk and the manager about it. The manager was a bit concerned but pleased with the other server who picked up the slack.

Mole Hole...it is a small shop that sells different stuff like Pandora jewelry, cute clothes, and other little things that you don't need but are fun. The main reason I've gone in there is because of Pandora but after having multiple experiences with different sales people being rude, hurried, snooty, etc I'm done shopping there. I sent them an email and the owner sent an apology email but I feel it is too little too late.

Pandora...a new Pandora store opened up near by...this is bad. But the service is amazing!! They go above and beyond to make you happy. I can't recommend them enough.

Harley Davidson...a lot of people have a preconceived notion of what to expect when they go into a Harley store. I'm always amazed at how friendly, helpful, and pleasant the experience is even if they are hectic and busy they still give you undivided attention while waiting on you.

Eddie Bauer...I have shopped Eddie Bauer for years...in the store and in the catalog and over all their service has been good. What I love is if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason even after wearing it they will take it back. I try not to wear things and return them if I can avoid it but I love knowing I can if needed.

What are some places that have given you great service? What are some that have given so-so service?


Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

CPK - agreed!

Cracker Barrel - guessing you go to the same one we do, and I agree, the service there really stinks

Mole Hole - wow! The new one or the older one? I'm surprised. That stinks. :-(

Pandora - we have a new Pandora store? How did I not hear about this?

HD - again, guessing you go to the same one that we do, and they're nice as can be

Eddie Bauer - do you go to the one in the outlet mall? We've gotten some great stuff in there.

As for restaurants around here, well, if you find one that's decent, let us know please. Even if they start out good, they don't stay that way. I had high hopes for the IHOP but we've not had great experiences in there. And as you know, our area has lost numerous restaurants recently. You'd think they'd learn from others' mistakes, wouldn't you??

Gwen said...

Love this! We actually had horrible service Sunday night at our favorite sushi restaurant. I told the sushi chef that we've known for 12 years and he was so appreciative. I love when a place provides amazing customer service. Amazon & Nordstrom are my favorites!!!