Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

Hi! My name is Megan and I'm addicted to...


Fruit Ninjas - I have my friend T to blame for this she showed it to me the other night when we were at a friend's birthday party. It is a highly addictive game. So be warned but go check it out.


Once Upon a Time - So the writers of LOST have sucked me in again. I love this show it has great characters, a great story, and a great concept. If you haven't started watching I encourage you to go check it out.


Teavana - I have always loved tea. I in particular love loose tea. And I have discovered Teavana I love the fact that you can mix teas or just drink them on their own. One of my favorites is the White Ayurvedic Chai and Samurai Chai Mate blend. The nice part is it is nice and light so you can drink it straight, with a bit of sugar, or with cream and sugar. If you are a tea person I highly recommend you check them out.


Blue Bloods - Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg...give me a moment...ok I'm back. Seriously though this is a well written cop show that includes a multi-generational Sunday dinner. I really like this show and how the family story runs behind the cop story. Apparently Donnie Wahlberg is a clown on set. Check it out.


Pole Dancing - If ever there was an exercise that didn't feel like an exercise this is it. But it is a great workout! It is also sexy, fun, empowering, therapeutic, and it gives you girl power. I encourage you to take a class near you!


Yoga - My mom did yoga for years when I was growing up and she's offered to teach me. But I admit as much as I love my mom there are some things that it is better if someone else teaches you. So in November I tried Hot Yoga and needless to say that didn't go so well. But I love yoga so I'm continuing to take classes with the goal of increasing my hold in Downward Dog.

So what are some of your addictions?


Gwen said...

I have always wanted to try the pole dancing class that they hold down the street from Ellie's dance studio. Wonder if I could get my other dance moms to go too. LOL!

I haven't tried fruit ninja but I'm downloading now based on your recommendation. :)