Thursday, January 5, 2012

Team Loyalty Gone Too Far

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I'm all for team loyalty to your favorite team. I cheer for the Red Sox, the Patriots (New England Girl), and the Red Wings (hubby's from Detroit). I have a vested interest in Football because of playing Fantasy Football. I love watching hockey and I'll admit I'm ok with a fight or two on the ice. 

But when you decided to beat someone because their team won and yours lost then it has gone too far. Monday Night after the Winter Classic a New York Rangers fan who was also a former Marine and off-duty cop was beaten by three Philadelphia Flyers fans to the point that he needed stitches and has a concussion. I will say that people did try to stop the guys from Philadelphia and they tried to help the Rangers fans.

Seriously over a stupid hockey game? I'm sure alcohol was involved and I'm sure things were said by both sides but that's where it should stop. No one should end up in the hospital because of a game.

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What are your thoughts?