Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When Cultures Clash

So I have a dilemma... it's not really a dilemma because I know what I'm going to do but it is a culture clash none the less.

Our season opera tickets for Orphee fall on Super Bowl Sunday. {gasp} I've had season opera tickets since 2002. It used to be my father-daughter date and now thanks to the divorce it is my mother-daughter date. Anywhoo back to the point...I'm a pretty big football fan I consistently root for the Patriots and have well before they started actually winning Super Bowls. I play in two Fantasy Football leagues and I came in 2nd in one league and 3rd in the other. I haven't missed a Super Bowl in years...and I mean years.

Now the good news is the opera is at 2:30 PM but it is an hour away if traffic cooperates and it goes until 5:30 PM. So I'll still get to watch most of the Super Bowl but I'll miss the pre-game stuff. So my plan at this point is to go to the opera and then go to a friend's house to watch the majority of the game.

My wonderful husband's response was "well I'm sure the opera people don't think anyone there would be so average as to like football." He likes to pick on me for my eclectic mix of interests. It is part of what he loves about me...but he loves to pick on my dichotomy.

So what are you doing for the Super Bowl? Do you care who's in it or do you just like the fun of it? Or could you care less?