Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Will Thrive: Deployment - Friends

There is a quote "be careful what you wish for" today I'm going to change it to say "be careful what you pray for...you might just get it."

Prior to J leaving I had 3 friends that we're close, 2 of whom were extremely close. We had regular girls nights and such. The day J left for the first time, they invited me over to spend time with them. But as time passed my friend T was much more involved in her various dating relationships and wasn't around as much. My friend S really stepped up. She went to church with me so I didn't have to go alone. We would go out to dinner often so I wasn't home alone. And she was my deployment spouse. She was truly a lifesaver. As time as gone by she has pulled away some because of her relationship with her guy D. When they broke up she was back at a high intensity level. They have started to hang out as friends again so she has disappeared some again. Her explanation for not calling is that she assumes I'm dancing at the Studio, the dogs would prevent me, I'm doing something with my Mom, or that I just have other plans. I told her to call me and see not to assume. ;-)

Because J is a Geo-Bachelor and his "deployment" is three years I realize that I'm a bit more maintenance than if he was on a standard deployment or underway. I realize this so I decided that I need to expand my friend circle so one person isn't responsible for "taking" care of me. I decided to pray about it and ask God to help me expand my circle and for me to be open to new people. Well God heard and God responded.

First my coworker N asked me to join a group on Monday nights for games and possible Bible Study. I went and had a great time so I attend that on a regular basis. A church member and friend where I work invited me to come over for dinner one night after work. I went and had good food, good friends, and a good fire. Then my friends and neighbors invited me to their house for frivolity and dinner. I needed it for a number of reasons. And I again had a great time. And my friend S who hadn't been calling me, called me twice to do something. (granted it was when her man D wasn't available but still the thought was there). Finally, my friend S and I were supposed to go to sunrise service but she wasn't feeling well. Well I almost rolled over and went back to sleep but something kept nagging me to go. So I got dressed and went. I met a delightful couple who normally attend a different service. He was retired Coast Guard so they got the military aspect. They invited me (and treated me) to breakfast on Easter morning. It was wonderful company and food.

God never ceases to amaze me. But I know now...be careful when you pray...you might just get it.