Monday, April 16, 2012


I've always had an obsession with the Titanic. I'm not sure I can really pinpoint it other than it was this amazing unsinkable vessel that sank and the tragedy that surrounded it was heart breaking. I've read books about it, I've been the the Titanic museum in Canada, I wanted to go to the museum in England, I've watched specials, and of course movies. I love Titanic the movie because of the story and I loved the Unsinkable Molly Brown because of her role on the Titanic. I recently watched the ABC series Titanic as well. What fascinates me to this day is that there were so many things that they did wrong at the time of the Titanic and they knew it but they let it go to sea anyway. The biggest mistake was the lifeboats of course which went on to change maritime law so that there would never be such a great loss of life again. I guess that is a good thing that the tragedy brought to life.

Another thing that fascinates me is the depiction of locking the third class passengers in third class as the boat was sinking. From what I've found they didn't do this in real life. It would have been illegal. The real reason so many third class passengers died is because of miscommunication that they couldn't easily get to the first class deck and the lack of lifeboats. Some of the second and third class women and children survived because of the women and children first rules. Many of the first class people died because they didn't believe it was sinking until it was too late. But there was a lot of chaos and the stories were told by survivors so it is possible things were twisted over the years. I encourage you to do your own reading. 

Are there historical events and things that raise your curiosity?


Rebecca Jo said...

All things Titantic holds my attention too.

The JFK era & shooting grabs me as well

And all things Diana! We have an exhibit coming to our museum about her & I'm so giddy!!!