Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Will Thrive - Deployment Stories Murphy Style

Murphy seems to be the favorite friend while spouses are deployed and my life is no exception. Friday morning I got in my car and drove out of my drive way and then I heard metal hitting concrete...never a good sound. I had a completely flat tire. Not even kind of flat totally flat. So I get out my spare and attempt to move lug luck. So I call Allstate for my road side assistance only to learn somehow we hadn't added it...but God was on my side because I could buy it right then and it was effective immediately. Whew. So I call work let them know what's going on. And I call road side assistance. They come in the rain and change my tire no big deal. I go to work then after work I go to get it repaired. Ha ha on me. The guy takes me back to my car and shows that the tire went flat because it had worn through. Another tire has metal showing and the other two have little tread. He informs me "You don't have a good tire on here." I tell him I can't afford all four that day so I can do two and then I'll come back. So $320 later I have two new tires. I'm going this week to get the other two...whoo hoo.

During all of this I email J and tell him about the flat tire, the road side assistance, and the cost of the tires. His response..."I'm glad you're ok and it didn't blow out on the interstate or anything. Sweetheart how did you not notice it was flat before moving the car? And let's get those tires replaced we have to keep you and the kids dogs safe."

My response..."yeah I'm glad it was in our driveway not on 64 at 11:00 at night. Umm you know I'm not a car girl that's why I married you. I was running late and just got in my car I didn't look at my front tire on my side. I will I just have to do it in spurts."

As a side note the ceiling lights in my kitchen and dining room don't want to come on now. I've checked fuses and everything seems good there. I'm now thinking it is an issue with our dimmer. The joys of deployment.


*~BrittDill~* said...

I'm sorry you are having a hard time. I'm glad your tire problem is getting fixed...I'm sure things will get better!

McDancer said...

Lame sauce, sorry Murphy reared his head!

beth @ {expeditionaryfamily} said...

so glad you were safe! i had a car accident a few weeks ago and thought the same thing: of course this would happen during the deployment. pretty sure that is murphy's second law...all heck will break loose when the spouse is 5000 miles away. ;) i'm glad you stopped by!