Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Will Thrive ~ Exotic Dancing

As I mentioned before I am taking "Stripper" Classes at a place called Studio Rio. The instructors are former dancers, personal trainers, etc that are excited and more than willing share their knowledge with those of us in class. I finished the four week Beginner Series and have started in the four week I Feel Pretty series. At the end of the Beginner Series we were given a routine do perform for him using the song Darling Nicky by Prince. At the end of the I Feel Pretty series we'll have a routine for ourselves using the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. For this class we're using a railing, the stage, and a pole. It is a bit intimidating but it is so much fun!

I decided to sign up for their membership so that I can take as many classes as I want each month. So far I've taken Stripper Stretch (working you up to the splits) and Poles 1. Stripper Stretch was good but difficult and I do feel more flexible. Poles 1 was a lot of fun. She taught us a bit of Pole Seduction which was more about playing with the pole than doing tricks on it. Although we did learn some tricks. The hard part for me is I hold on too tight. You have to hold on but you need to have a loose grip. (Hold it like a banana) I definitely want to take more pole classes. And I think I will continue with the Stripper Stretch class too.

They have other classes I want to take but because of my work schedule I'm not able to take some of them because I'm still at work. I'm hoping they will revamp some of their schedules as we get further into spring and summer. So we'll see.


Mrs. Monkey said...

Those classes sounds like so much fun! There is a place around here that offers similar classes, but I just can't justify one more activity atm. :)

Keep having fun!