Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Remakes - An ongoing debate in our house

When it comes to music I'm pretty much a depends on my mood girl.

With music if you looked at my iPod I'm sure you'd think I had multiple personalities. I have everything from Gordon Lightfoot to Sean Paul to Brad Paisley. It is an interesting mix. I admit I have both Guns and Roses version of Sweet Child of Mine and Sheryl Crow's version. My husband HATES the Sheryl Crow version. He argues that remakes suck in general. I say some of them are ok. I for one did not like Black Eyed Peas version of Sweet Child of Mine from the Superbowl. But that is just me. We get into debates often about artists who remake older songs. He feels the original artist did it best. But even he has a few exceptions...Johnny Cash does a remake of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails, most things that Bob Dylan sings he feels other people sing it better, and Shiny Toy Guns Major Tom. Those are it though. So when I tell him that I have a remake of a song he groans and rolls his eyes and tells me it is going to suck. But he usually at least listens to it. I like different takes on things I think they are fun.

What are your thoughts?