Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Place 4 Health Update

So we are coming up on the end of our 12 weeks for First Place 4 Health. I'm happy to report I've had an overall loss of 9 pounds in the 12 week period. (we weigh this Thursday too) I've really liked this program. It really is a whole person approach to weight loss. And I really like the Bible study part of the class. It has been a good daily focus for me. If you are looking for a program that has healthy eating, exercise, and Bible study I highly recommend this program. One of the other participants has lost 30 pounds. It is awesome!


Jen V. said...

Congrats!! We're going to have to get together for some crafting...with no snacks! haaaaaaaaa Take care!! Jen

Gwen said...

Go girl! 9 pounds is AWESOME!!! so proud of you!!!