Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clothes Make the Woman

I used to argue that clothes didn't matter to the job or the workout or the situation, etc. But now I'm realizing that the right clothes do make a difference. When I workout if I'm in sloppy sweats and a baggy t-shirt I still get the workout done but I feel slightly sloppy. If I go to my dance class in rocking Victoria Secret yoga pants and a sexy tank I rock it. I realize it is shallow but it is true for me. And if the right clothes motivate me to go that is awesome!!

I've also noticed if I go to work put together in a nice outfit I feel more productive. And I feel more professional. I realize that I can still do my job in a less together outfit but something about the dressier outfit makes me happy.

I guess it's kind of like having the right tools for the job. So do you feel more motivated in certain clothes or are you more of a whatever goes kinda person?