Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pet Love & Prayers

Like many people our pets are our children. And when they don't feel well or have to have surgery, etc we worry just like a parent would worry. My neighbors have a 9 year old German Shepherd that is starting to have hip issues. So Monday night per their request I said a prayer over him. He went to the vet today and they are recommending physical therapy, swimming, and mild walks to help him out. We were all relieved. I know some people think it is crazy to pray for a pet but I think they are God's creatures too and He listens for prayers about them. My boy Ares goes in for some minor surgery on Thursday. If you are a praying type send one up for him. 
Be it human or animal, touch is a life-giving thing.  Has anyone ever had a stroke or a heart attack while cozied up with a pet?  I doubt it.  ~Robert Brault


Poekitten said...

It's so hard to see a pet in pain! Thankful that your neighbor's dog has a plan of action to help him out! I'll remember your sweet pup too:)

*~BrittDill~* said...

Sending prayers for your pup! I hope all goes well.

Whitney said...

Many prayers for your doggie! I know he'll be just fine. My boy, Ozzie, just had surgery a couple weeks ago, so I know where you're coming from... they're like our children.