Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Approaching 35

So on Friday I turn 35. But I'm not really too concerned about it. I'm good with it.

And although at times a December birthday can kind of stink I've had very good Birthday celebration luck. I received a coupon from Red Robin for a free hamburger, a coupon from BD's Mongolian BBQ for a free dinner, a coupon from Victoria's Secret for $10 off, and a coupon for a free movie at CineBistro.

This Friday I'm taking a dance class to learn a routine to Santa Baby. Saturday some friends are taking me to lunch and Mom is taking me to dinner. The only thing that could make it more perfect would be my husband being here but at least I should get to talk to him on my birthday.

In my family birthdays were celebrated at a moderate level nothing crazy but not too toned down either. Mom always made the cake of our choice which for years was what we called Waldorf Red Cake (in the south it is called Red Velvet Cake) and we got to pick our favorite dinner too. For years that was Sukiyaki our version of the Japanese dish basically it is a variation of stir-fry. And of course presents (in an effort to make sure we don't feel cheated by our December birthdays Mom and Dad would often give a number of gifts). 

In honor of my 35th Birthday I've decided to do a list of 35 things I've learned over the years...

  1. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. ~ Phil 4:13
  2. Don't judge others you don't know the whole story.
  3. Pets are children too.
  4. True friends are there no matter what the circumstances and love you anyway.
  5. There are people you thought would be with you all your life and they have left...that is ok.
  6. Sometimes a pedicure and a manicure can make the world feel right.
  7. Usually if you are nice to people they will be nice to you. (there are exceptions)
  8. Good things do come to those who wait (but not necessarily on your schedule).
  9. True love is worth waiting for.
  10. The military is a wonderful institution who works on their own schedule (and they will not consult you).
  11. Your parents can disappoint you in ways you could never imagine.
  12. Your siblings really are an important part of who you are.
  13. You are responsible for you and you alone. Do not try to be responsible for others. And you need to take responsibility for your actions.
  14. Every decision has a consequence some are favorable, some are not.
  15. There will always be more beautiful people, people with more money, and people who seem happier than you but you are a beautiful person and you can be happy. (the money you have to work for or have wealthy relatives)
  16. People (especially husbands) cannot read your mind. If you want something tell them what you want, do not hint, suggest, or otherwise assume. 
  17. Everyone has and is entitled to an opinion but it is ok to disagree with them.
  18. The right man will love you more than you can imagine.
  19. Anything that can break in your home will break the moment your husband leaves for 6 months (8 months, a year, etc).
  20. The song (poem) was right wear sunscreen and take care of your knees.
  21. Any project in your home will always take longer than you think that it should (and will often be more expensive).
  22. Be careful when setting your expectations...aim too low and you'll be disappointed...same thing if you set unrealistically high ones.
  23. Laughter really does work like sit-ups so laugh often.
  24. You should love your job but don't let it take away from your home life.
  25. It is ok to say no.
  26. You can't please everyone.
  27. Chicken on the kitchen counter is just too big a temptation for the dog (or cat).
  28. If you find a man who can heat up the kitchen and the bedroom keep him.
  29. There is always someone who has it worse than you.
  30. Don't tick off the trashman, the person who packs your parachute, or your cat there will be consequences that you don't like.
  31. Enjoy life...no one on their death bed says I wish I dusted more.
  32. You need to get out of your box at least once it will help you grow.
  33. You do not have to put up with abuse (emotional, verbal, physical, etc) of any kind in a relationship regardless of the type of relationship or who it is with. 
  34. Above all love.
  35. Sometimes you have to jump and build your wings on the way down. ~ Unknown


AllisonLH said...

I loved your list!! So many good observations and words of wisdom. Have a fabulous birthday week...your dance class sounds like a great time!

Becca said...

Happy Almost Birthday! Love #23 :)
Routine to Santa Baby, eh? :)