Friday, December 16, 2011

Shamrock 8K

So my friend J and I have signed up to do the Townbank 8K portion of the Shamrock Marathon. I admit I'm a bit worried and need to get cracking on preparing for this walk. But I'm also excited. There is something incredibly fun about race day. Especially themed race days like this where everyone is all dressed up. It is just festive. So we are working on our outfits for race day. I'll give you a few previews of what I have in mind as I find them.

On a side note I'm debating about doing a 5K called The Hair of the Dog on New Year's Day. It doesn't start until 10:00 AM but I'm just not sure I'll want to drive an hour in the morning after being up late the night before. I'll keep you posted.


Becca said...

I love Shamrock runs!! They are fun and festive. Can't wait to see your costumes ;) Also - you should do the 5K! Some of the best races come after a night of eating and partying, haha :)

AllisonLH said...

Here's a fun one I just heard about. I might not make it to 2 hours up to Denver for theirs after we move, and not sure if there are any in VA, but it looks really fun!