Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas Recap...

Ok ok so I'm doing this week in a weird order. I should have done this post before the New Year's post. These things happen. So a Christmas recap...

Mom and I decided to keep it simple on Christmas Eve and go to IHOP for dinner before heading to our church service. I admit it was good and not too crazy. Then we headed to church for a Service of Lessons and Carols which is my favorite. The sermon was really good...the pastor related current events to scripture and the story of Jesus. The catch phrase of the evening was...what the world needs now is a stable influence. Very enjoyable! Then on to a friend's Christmas Eve party. Much fun was had by all!!

Christmas morning Mom went to church and I had intentions of going to my church but there is a quote about good intentions and a road. I ended up falling back asleep and not waking up until 1:00 PM. We had a reservation at 3:00 PM and I still had to pick up Mom so I flew through the shower and went to get her. Dinner was at a Colonial Tavern and it was heavenly! After dinner we came back to Mom's house to open gifts. (I admit this is still my favorite part.) A few of my favorites...

A lovely locket from my hubby (he sent Mom money to go shopping for me)
From The Enchanted Locket

A cool purse from my Mom

Harley Davidson 
And my absolute favorite a Black Onyx Rose Ring from Pandora also from my hubby

Santa (and Mom and my hubby) were good to me this year. What were your favorites?


Mrs. Monkey said...

Oooh, i love that locket! I just spent 10 minutes on that etsy site picking out things that I want. :)