Friday, December 30, 2011

Motivation...Hello Are You There?

As I've mentioned many times I struggle with my weight and my health. Now first off I will say that I know what I should eat and how I should exercise and I've seen results from this. However, I'm looking for my motivation...I'm not sure if it is in Zimbabwe or under the couch or down the street but it isn't with me. I know part of it is the holidays and part of it is J being gone but I need to refocus and work on getting healthy. I've signed up for an 8K in March so I need to work toward that because unlike a 5K you can't just walk up and do that. But my motivation is missing.

I have a membership to the Y, a membership to Twisted Fitness (a dance and exercise studio), vouchers to a yoga studio, and I have two dogs so I have no excuses. Well actually I can give you a huge list of them but none of them are good excuses. I want to lose weight and be healthier but I won't do that sitting on the couch eating junk so I'm hoping the New Year will bring a new level of motivation for me. 

Although I will admit cuddling on the couch with the puppies under a big mink blanket and eating Reese's Peanut Butter cups does sound appealing. It will end up with me not fitting in my clothes and although I love shopping I hate buying bigger sizes so here we come 2012 this will be our year of good health!!

So what about you are you motivated? Do you have changes you want to make in 2012?


Becca said...

hahaha! Great post :) I want a mink blanket and reese's peanut butter cups!! What keeps me motivated is being outdoors...and I guess being healthy. I have felt my body at 170 and have felt it at 120...I think 140 has to be my favorite, so I would be lying if I could not admit that the straight up scale number is a big motivation.

Zimbabwe...I love it. You are too funny. I can't wait to hear about your next race :)

Cassie said...

Hey I'm a new follower, hope to catch up on your blog!