Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Family Traditions and Stresses

At staff meeting on Tuesday my boss asked us to go around the table and share our favorite family tradition and what was stressing us. At the time I was focused more on work so I said the favorite family tradition was coming to Christmas Eve service and my only stress was there was something that I was forgetting because things seem extremely calm at work. (fast forward to today...we discovered a mistake in one of our Christmas Eve bulletins that has already been run so we have to rerun it)

But as I thought throughout the day I determined that honestly what was stressing me was my lack of family traditions right now. With J gone and my Dad celebrating with his new family I feel very unsettled family tradition wise. But then as I thought some more traditions can change and Mom and I are coming up with our own traditions. It may seem weird at first but they are fun. And growing up it was often just Mom and I so this really isn't that weird. It is funny how much point of view can change the way you think.

So what about you what are some of your family traditions? And what are your holiday stresses?


Mrs. Duh said...

I am feeling very blessed that this Christmas is fairly stress-free! Mr. Duh and I are making a 12 hour drive to Florida tomorrow, but that shouldn't be too stressful!

I came from a family that didn't have a lot of traditions, so we are trying to come up with our own! On Christmas Day, we always go see a movie at the theatre, and have strarted drinking mulled wine with dinner.