Monday, December 12, 2011

Leg Warmers

I LOVED leg warmers in the 80s! I had them in different colors and loved them. In all fairness I lived in cold climates and liked to wear skirts as a child. It is a battle that my mother and I fought often so the compromise was leg warmers. I was in a photo shoot on Saturday and the photographer had me put on leg warmers for one of the pictures. It turned out so good. I loved it! So I went on Etsy and looked for patterns and I found some cute ones. But there is a catch...they are knitting patterns and I don't really knit. I know how to in theory but I've only knit small beaded purses I've never knit clothing. So I'll have to go to Mom and have her show me how again. But I bought these three patterns. I'm thinking of starting with the first one and we'll go from there. So wish me luck! So do you have any fashion items of the past that you wish would come back or are happy that they have come back?

Patterns by Faima

Natalya's Studio


Mrs. Monkey said...

I LOVE leg warmers! I would wear them every day but people laugh. Luckily I can get away with them at the dance studio. :)