Monday, March 5, 2012


So right now I'm blessed and I get to talk to my husband on the phone almost daily. At some point we will go back to email only conversation but for now I will enjoy person to person. And we've had some pretty interesting conversations.

One of late has been about fears. I knew I had fears about the "what ifs" of him being in dangerous situations what I didn't realize is that he does too. And I asked him to "unpack" it a bit for me. He said in the past he'd gone into dangerous situations that he hadn't really worried too much about whether he got home or not because there wasn't anyone to come home too. (He's wrong...he has a very large family that would have missed him horribly) Now though he has me and he says now when he goes into dangerous situations he worries about making it through to come home to me. At first this concerned me because he's always had the "I'm Captain America and I'm unstopable" attitude. But the more I thought about it the more I determined that having a little fear is a good thing. I think it keeps him humble and focused. And I think he stays on top of the people under him to make sure they are trained well too. As it says above...[Courage is realizing something else is more important than Fear...]

He has often told me that he loves his job (most days) because it isn't all about him there is a bigger purpose and cause at play. And in his mind he fights in other parts of the world so that we don't have to fight at home. I'm proud of what he and his fellow sailors do and the sacrifices they make. (as well as what all the branches do and the sacrifices they make)

Are there times when your spouse surprises you or shares something you didn't know?


Allie said...

I agree completely. It's almost best to have a little bit of fear. It'll make you double think everything you do before you make a mistake that could cost you your life or others theirs.

I take it your husband is deployed also? We're in our second deployment now and I'm just ready for it to be over at this point! While my husband feels the same way, it surprises me how strong he stays through it all!

All our men and women out there fighting for our freedom are definitely in my prayers!