Friday, March 9, 2012

Weight Watchers...Will you remember me?

So I've decided to go back to Weight Watchers. I admit I went back and forth on it a lot. Because to be honest WW and I have had a love/hate relationship. But when I talked to so many people who had great success on it and then I read Jennifer Hudson's book I decided it was silly to keep avoiding it. When I talked to J about it he felt like I had done the best when I was doing WW so he supports it whole heartedly.

I haven't done the Points Plus system so I look forward to learning about it. I also know that the program only works if you work the program. So I've decided I will give it my full focus and dedication. I haven't decided whether I'll make my weigh-ins part of my blog or not. I'm leaning toward including it on a panel on the side. We'll see.

I admit I'm excited about starting a "new" program. And I'm hoping the enthusiasm will remain. As a side note J has offered to give me money toward new clothes when I reach my goal. I know it may sound vain but this is a pretty darn good incentive for me.