Friday, March 16, 2012

Heavy Heart

Leukemia Awareness
I have a heavy heart this week and today. A dear friend and co-worker has been in ICU fighting his second round with Leukemia. They have given him chemo and it is apparently more than his body can handle. There is concern he may not make it through this. So we are praying without ceasing for him, his wife, and their 13 year old daughter.

If you are a person who prays please add my friend to your prayer list. Thank you!!


Poekitten said...

Cancer is horrible, especially when you're a kid and it's your parent that is fighting. I've been in her shoes. I am praying. God is good and he will be with them!

Mrs. Duh said...

Many prayers for your friend and his family.

sunhinengrace said...

sending good thoughts your way and to your friend.