Friday, March 2, 2012

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #69

1. What is your favorite/most unique anniversary/birthday gift from your spouse? suggested by Bel at Being a Better Me
This will sound strange but one of my favorite gifts from my husband was the set of towels on our registry. He sent them to me for our second wedding anniversary (cotton). The reason they are special to me is because of why he sent them. About a month or so before our anniversary I received a big box from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. When I opened it, it was all of the towels we had registered for on our registry. I was so excited because our towels were getting a bit old looking and I loved these towels. Well I read the card and they were from Aunt So&So. I didn't think anything of it because J has a LOT of aunts and uncles on his mother's side she is one of 10 children. Well then I get a call from Bed, Bath, and Beyond telling me that there was a mistake and that a couple with our same names had an aunt who mistakenly ordered off our registry. So I had to give them back. I will admit I was disappointed. I told J the story and he felt bad so he gave me the entire set for our anniversary with a note that said..."this time you get to keep them because they are just for you. Happy Anniversary Baby." So although they may not be the most romantic gift to some they were very sweet to me. 
2. What’s your first thought when you see it’s snowing (or what would you say if you don’t live somewhere with snow? suggested by Poekitten from Many Waters
Snow lots so I don't have to go anywhere and I can stay home and play with the puppies.
3. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?  suggested by Erika from Chambanachik
My dear friend and co-worker had his leukemia come back in February after 6 months of being in remission so I would definitely change that and have him healthy. 
4. What was your favorite thing that happened in February? 
Getting to talk to my husband a lot on the phone because of his schedule. It always makes deployment easier when you get to talk to them.
5. What are you looking forward to in March?
Hmm March brings my first 8K, and although that's a mixed blessing because I want to do it I'm also a bit nervous about it.
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Shari Smith said...

I love the gift of towels, and especially the thought behind it. How very sweet!