Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Will Thrive: Deployment Stories...Lost

Last night on my way home I debated between going to the store and buying the ingredients for taco salad or just stopping by Moe's on my way home to pick one up. I decided to just pick one up. Some how in the process of walking into the restaurant, being in the restaurant and walking back out to my car (a period of 15 minutes) my keys disappeared. I went back in and looked around for about an hour and a half no luck. They checked the camera, the trash can, etc no luck. I was on a college campus so I called their campus police and reported it. So far I haven't heard anything. I suspect that I set them down when getting my drink and someone else accidentally picked them up. Because I just can't see how else they disappeared.

The restaurant was mostly helpful but they kept suggesting I hadn't lost them and that they were in my car. I had locked my car on my way in so I knew this wasn't the case. Fortunately a friend of mine came and got me, took me home to get my spare set and brought me back to my car. Also equally fortunate my neighbor was home so I could get my spare key. I admit it was almost the straw that broke the camel's back. I was on the verge of tears in the parking lot when I was looking for them.

I called both the restaurant and the campus police today with no luck. I hold out one more hope that my YMCA tag will help them return. But we shall see. When I talked to J this morning he said "no one was hurt and nothing was lost that can't be replaced, look for them for a few days and then stop stressing about it." That was what I needed to hear I was so stressed about it.

I admit I'm just frustrated. Have you ever had a experience where you lost something and you were so frustrated?