Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Branding Yourself

We brand ourselves in a number of ways...

We brand ourselves with clothes. By the "brands" we buy, by the style of clothes we wear, by the colors, are they ironed and clean, or wrinkled and dirty. When I worked in clothing retail for a high end store I was amazed by my fellow sales people who would overlook someone because they were in grubby clothes. Their snub was usually my gain. I think about that now when I go out...what message am I sending by my clothing. Some days I care others I don't just depends.

As bloggers we brand ourselves by what we write...and what we don't write. We brand ourselves by the blogs we follow. And we brand ourselves by the look of our blog. Our blog is our online wardrobe of sorts it sends a message of who we are.

As I get ready to start my own business my biggest stumbling block has been my branding. I labored long and hard to come up with a name for my business. Thanks to a late night brain storming session with my husband my business will be called "Labors of Love." But now to brand it...for my store front on Etsy, for my business cards, for the tags for items, for packaging, etc. So I've been looking at a multitude of sources for inspiration. It will come to me...

What about do you brand yourself? How did you decide what your blog or business would look like?


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

My blog brand came out of practice and thought. My previous blog had a similar name, but I renamed it for my current blog. The look and feel came from working with a designer. What I write about comes from experience, too. Not just my everyday life experience, but also my experience as a blogger over the past three years.