Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trying a new breakfast

Tried a new bar for "breakfast" the Kashi GoLean Chewy Cookies N' Cream it isn't bad but it isn't my favorite. It  is a tad drier than I like. I admit I'm spoiled by Luna bars. But I like to try new things from time to time.

Trying to get back into the habit of breakfast other than McDonald's which is costly both money and calorie wise. I need to restock my kitchen because I love a whole wheat English muffin with egg beaters, bacon (or Canadian bacon)  with a slice of cheese. But we are out of those right now so...time to go to the store.

What are some of your favorite quick breakfasts?


Rebecca Jo said...

I havent seen those yet.. have to keep an eye out.. I like "Chewy" stuff... I always eat a Clif bar for breakfast - those are my favorite nutrition bars when I have to have a fast breakfast