Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun New Patterns

The end of February I went to a quilt show being held locally. I love going to it because it inspires me to make things. And I bought some more patterns...and it inspired me to buy a few are some of the gems I've purchased.
  • The Potato Chip Bag just looks like it will be fun and easy.
  • The Anna Maria Multi-Tasker Tote looks fun and useful.
  • In the summer I live in a skirt and a nice top/tee so the Favorite Things Cute Skirt Pattern will get used a lot between now and then.
  • See above for the too cute Stella Strip Skirt  and the Anna Maria Study Hall Skirt
  • I haven't bought the Feather Your Nest  but it looks like it has some neat patterns for your bedroom so when I get to redecorating I'll look into that.