Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Review

I like to have things to do on the weekend but I like to have some downtime too. This weekend had more to do and less downtime. But that is the way it goes sometimes...

Friday was a pretty standard day followed by an evening of running the rain. We have an annual St. Patrick's Day dance that we go to with friends. One of the local Catholic churches hosts it to raise money for their school. So it is a lot of fun and a good time. We went and found tons of St. Patrick's Day stuff to get and bring. We went grocery shopping. Not too bad other than the fact it rained (the windy hard kind) the whole time.

Saturday we were up early thanks to our pooches so we got up...put away our mounds of laundry. We are really good about washing laundry but then it sits folded in the baskets in our bedroom for days and days. The pooches "helped" always fun! We ventured out a little later for some lunch, a trip to the bank, and then back home for nap time before our big night. Every year for a while I've gone to the Annual St. Patrick's Day Dance at the Knights of Columbus. When J and I started dating it was one of our early dates. And now we look forward to it. You BYOB and they provide heavy appetizers and the mixers. There is a DJ who usually does a great job but this year seemed a bit off. But we danced, drank, ate, and had a great time. It is a good group of people that normally goes to this event. And it wouldn't feel like St. Patrick's Day without it.

Sunday brought Daylights Savings time (why do we still do this exactly?) and relaxing around the house. Then we were headed to Mom and Dad's for dinner...Corn Beef, potatoes, carrots, and cabbage of course. Well I decided to make Brownie Pudding Cake for dessert. (I didn't think this through) You are supposed to serve it warm so I decided to mix it up at home and bring it to Mom and Dad's to bake. Hot chocolate liquid doesn't travel well in a baking dish. I ended up with chocolate goo down my leg, on my shoe, and all over the floor of my car. Yeah I was happy. Needless to say when we got there...J cleaned my car and I put my clothes in the washer. (Borrowed sweat pants from Mom) and had to remake part of the chocolate goo. Well I made a whole other batch of chocolate goo and then the cake didn't bake right so we had really gooey hot brownie fudge with ice cream. But I heard no complaints and people went back for seconds. Lesson learned: Bake it at home or make it at the