Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Office Supplies aka Things I Can't Live Without

When I was little like most little girls I played school or office often. And I liked making little notes, etc for people and leaving them around the house. Initially I used scraps of paper and tape. Then one day I was given Post-its. Oh how I loved them. And frankly I still do. I use them at work and at home often. So much so I have contemplated the Post-it Calendar. I like all the sizes and I love the bright colors. The newer lined ones make work notes even easier for me. I wouldn't work with out them.

Now I have a new office love. When we were at the bank one day the lovely teller loaned me her pen. It was wonderful. It wrote well and smoothly. And made my handwriting look better. I could tell she loved it too because she was watching me making sure she got it back. I returned it because I try really hard not to steal other people's pens because I hate that. But I knew I had to find them. So next time I was at Office Max I bought some. I currently use them on my paper calendar and love them.

I admit I have a weird love of certain office supplies...I think it goes back to childhood.

What do you love as far as supplies? Is there anything you can't live without?


Preppy in Pink said...

LOVE these cute office supplies!

Rebecca Jo said...

I have always been the same way - let me go into an Office Depot & I'm thrilled & can look for hours! :)

I cant live without index cards too... love the colored ones - use them for note taking, book marks, to do lists - love a world of index cards!

I also love the post its that are for marking pages - I use them in books for my favorite lines & quotes