Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This weekend I watched two movies...The Blind Side and The Invention of Lying. Both were good movies.

Sandra Bullock is brilliant and frankly the whole cast is brilliant in The Blind Side. They did a good job of casting the movie. As I watched The Blind Side I was amazed by Leigh Anne Tuohy's faith and willingness to help someone. As I sat there and watched the movie and saw how the family was impacted by Michael it amazed me. Here is a family that could have walked away so easily as many would have been prone to do. But they didn't they took in Michael and treated him as part of their family. The movie had many great lessons including judging people by the inside not the outside, going with what you want not what everyone else wants, realizing you can change your outcome, sometimes by helping others...you'll help yourself, and many more. It was a great movie that I think everyone should see. (J liked it too which is saying something because we don't always agree)

 We rented The Invention of Lying because we thought it would be funny. It turned out to be a bit more thought provoking that we thought. It started out somewhat humorous because frankly everyone telling exactly what they think all the time has a humor to it. I'm glad we don't live in that world. But as the movie progressed and he lied to make his mother feel better as she was dying it took a more serious turn toward topics like the afterlife, religion, and even genetics. It is a good movie that gets you thinking. And at the same time has almost a tongue and cheek smack against the way we currently run our lives.


Pretty Things said...

I thought The Blind Side looked like it would be good.