Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello Irene!!

So Irene has made landfall in North Carolina. We've had rain/light wind on and off since 4:00 am. They are predicting the eye will hit Virginia Beach between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. Good news it's moving quickly and it is weakening. I still have electricity. Keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers! All those on the east coast stay safe!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 10 Positives of Deployment

All too often during deployments I think it is easy to focus on the negatives of deployment. I've decided to do a top 10 of the positives of deployment.
  • Puppies - the dogs naturally gravitate toward J with their love and kisses. While he's gone I'm getting it. It is nice.
  • TV - I get to watch what I want when I want and no running commentary on how "gay or dumb" a show is. I get to watch "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Dancing with the Stars" in peace. 
  • Working on me - J has no problem with me doing stuff for myself but when he's home I love spending time with myself. This time alone is helping me focus on me and learn some balance.
  • Having the bed alone - (well almost) I share it with two puppies but I get to spread out and sleep in the middle. 
  • Eating what I want - sometimes I don't feel like cooking sometimes I like eating grilled cheese two nights in a row. And while he's gone it's easy. I eat what I want. And knowing when I come home everything I left in the fridge will still be there. lol
  • Our Relationship - because we don't see each other everyday we have to find other ways to communicate. Thank God for technology! And so in some ways I think we are stronger in our relationship because of it.
  • My friends - I have been surprised at some of the people I thought would check often and don't and some of the people I thought wouldn't care but do. It has been a learning experience.
  • Work - Both J and I have observed that we are able to give work more during deployment because we aren't worried about going home to the other. 
  • Hobbies - I'm getting back into some things I haven't done in a while.
  • My Faith - I now have the mantra "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" I am convinced that without God I wouldn't survive this.
What are some of your favorite things from deployment?

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Viber iPhone App

    If you have an iPhone you should check out viber. You can talk and text other iPhone users for free. This is particularly wonderful if say you and your deployed spouse both have an iPhone. J has an iPhone he got shortly after he got to Japan. It is on his Japanese network. I have an iPhone I got when Verizon got the technology. It is on my network. Viber is VoIP (voice over IP) so it uses data lines instead of being a phone call. It has been wonderful to talk to my husband. I did research before we started using it to make sure it was valid. Even Apple endorses it. I love this app!!! 

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011


    Hi, my name is Megan and I have a planning problem...

    (Hi Megan)

    I'm a free flowing planner...sometimes I very much like plans other times I like to wait and see or just see what happens. I have two calendars that I run at the same time...I have a Franklin Covey desk calendar and my iPhone calendar. I have used Franklin Covey for the past five years and I like it but really it is more than I need because I don't use all of its different elements. So I'm thinking of switching to this one by Erin Condren...

    or this one...

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    In Honor of the Fallen

    In honor of the fallen: 

    • 31 lost
    • 31 unwanted visits
    • 31 doors receive that dreaded knock
    • 31 families with shattered hearts
    • 31 pairs of boots lined up with rifles and dog tags and helmets
    • 31 comrades remembered and grieved for 
    • 31 funeral services 
    • 31 names on newly made grave markers
    • 31 empty places at the table
    • 31 souls who gave all, whose lives leave a void, 
    • so take 31 seconds to pray and pay respect.

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    Deployment "Bucket List"

    I've decided to create a Deployment "Bucket List." Jason is gone for three years total but we're down to two years left. I figure I can either survive through deployment or thrive through deployment. So let's thrive!!

    There will be 36 items one for each month he's gone. 

    1. Go to church regularly 
    2. Lead a Bible Study
    3. Sing karaoke 
    4. Walk 2-3 5Ks a year
    5. Eat healthier 
    6. Cook more
    7. Take the motorcycle riding class
    8. Take classes at Studio Rio 
    9. Go to Mountain Lake (Dirty Dancing was filmed there)
    10. Get both of our dogs through training 
    11. Get into an exercise routine 
    12. Figure out self-care
    13. Take classes in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator 
    14. Clean out my basement/attic
    15. Have a yard sale after above
    16. Go outside my comfort zone in mission work
    17. Fix one thing in our house on my own
    18. Give God a year
    19. Get our yard straight so J comes home to clean flower beds and grass on the front lawn
    20. Get our debts paid
    21. Sand and Paint our front porch
    22. Clean out our garage
    23. Take Ares and Eva to Nags Head 
    24. Get my office organized
    25. Paint my bedroom
    26. Paint my dining room
    27. Take beading classes
    28. Have a pin up photo shoot
    29. Go to see J's family by myself 
    30. Take hot yoga classes
    31. Recover our couch myself (ourselves) - in process
    32. Make a duvet cover for our bed and curtains for our bedroom
    33. Do daily Bible study and prayer
    34. Send birthday/anniversary cards to our family members 
    35. Write Jason a handwritten letter every week he's gone and send regular care packages
    36. Have fun and grow!!

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Medical Fun

    This morning I was up at 5:00 AM to take my mom to the hospital at 6:00 AM for a heart cath. She was supposed to go back at 8:00 AM, she went back at 8:30 AM. So now I sit and wait. I hate waiting. So if your please say a prayer and keep positive thoughts for my mom. Thanks!!

    Monday, August 1, 2011

    AUGUST!!!...when did that happen?

    I am floored that it is already August. It amazes me how years just seem to fly by. It seems like just yesterday that it was January 1st. I love that time is flying by it means my hubby will be back to me again soon. I hope you take time to enjoy the last month of are some of my favorite summer things...

    State Fairs - I loved them growing up!
    Smores...nothing says summer to me like toasting marshmallows over an open flame
    The beach..
    Fresh Corn on the Cob
    Ice Cream