Thursday, April 30, 2009

Log vs. Splinter

So...this post is as much confession as anything else. And it is fairly wide open...

I can tell you, your brother, your mother, your dog, your neighbor, etc what their splinter is...but I would be appalled for you to tell me mine let alone my log. I know I know it isn't fair. But I'm good at it. I'm not sure where the fine tuning of this skill came from...I have some guesses but those are most definitely for another day. But I really really have a problem judging behaviors that I wouldn't do while ignoring the ones I

J is a smoker...he quit back in August and did great (well we had some hills along the way but overall it was great) until end of January...beginning of February. Then he started with a here...two there...ten on a stressful day. Recently he started smoking full time again and I admit I was frustrated. Because he did so good for so long. And I am very quick to judge because I don't smoke...never have...and can't imagine I ever will. And apparently I'm a bit vocal in my judgment because he pointed out to me in a very nice way. That sometimes I have a gift for making him feel horrible for smoking. Now my initial thought was good but then I realized how unsupportive I've been. Smoking is an addiction. A legal addiction but an addiction and it takes time, dedication, and patience to quit. And he is trying...and I love him and support him in whatever he does.

Unfortunately I tend to go with the theory..."the worst sin is the one you wouldn't commit" I'm not saying smoking is a sin I'm simply saying it is easy for me to judge because I don't do it. And I think that is true in most things. It isn't fair I know...but I'm human...

Baby Steps...

OK so yesterday I went to the Y by my house...and dealt with the most "friendly" front desk person ever. But I got the information I wanted and that is what is important. So I can join for $50 down and $26 a month. I think that is pretty sweet. So I'm going to talk to my neighbor who works there and see if there is anything else I should know...but I think by this weekend I'll have joined the Y. And I will be an exercising lady again. I admit I miss it...not just for the weight loss and health benefits, I enjoy working out to relieve stress. Now don't get me wrong I will never be one of those people who gets all excited about exercise. But I know it is good for me so I deal with it. And I earn points so it balances out some of my eating. Whoo hoo.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Give-Away...

Who doesn't love a give-away...? And Just Sweet Enough has a great one going on with some very yummy looking healthy treats perfect for those of us doing Weight Watchers but also good for those doing any healthy eating program. And she has some other pretty cool posts out there. And she makes entering simple...just click the link above and she'll tell you what to do...Good luck!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ripping the band-aid off

You ever have this feeling that you just need to do it...there is something in your life that you know needs to happen but you are too comfortable where you are to do it. So you live with that band-aid stuck to your heal...even though it is rolling down and not looking so pretty. It isn't really that bad so you live with it.

I have a couple things in my life that are like that old nasty band-aid. I'm taking care of some but I need to rip off a few more. I'll keep you posted.

Helping others...

From June 2005...

I recently got in contact with a friend of mine from Maine. His name is S (it will make things less confusing to use names) he regrettably informed me that a good friend of mine from Maine passed away his name was B. I'm sorry to say that because we had gotten out of contact I did not know this had happened. He died a couple years ago due to complications from Chrohn's Disease.

B was my first love...we were at a party in 7th grade and he and I talked the whole night. I knew after that he was the one for me. Unfortunately he didn't realize it til a year later (boys are always behind the curve). We went to the 8th grade dance together. Although we never officially went out it was kind of assumed we were a couple or as much of a couple as 8th graders can be. After I left Maine, we lost touch for awhile. Then he found me in around 1998 we had a few visits when he was on his way home from school. They were enjoyable. But for some reason we lost touch again. And I took it for granted that I could find him again. Unfortunately he is gone and I can't find him again. But he will live on my memories as many others do.

As I say good bye to my first love I encourage you to stay in contact with those you love and care about because life is short.

Today...I encourage you to go to the Randomness of Meghan she is walking to help raise money for research of Crohn's and Colitis. If you donate to her walk she will mention your blog on her blog...details are on her blog.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Going Blind for Weightloss

You are probably thinking I'm going blind reading the small print on labels trying to figure out my points. But alas you would be wrong...I'm going to go blind because my orange squirted me in the eye while I was peeling it. The oranges I bought are very good and nice and sweet....but they have the crazy thickest skin I've ever seen. And I was using a plastic knife to cut through the peel when I got the eye...on my shirt...and possibly my desk. But there are no sacrifices too great for better health. I will persevere and get my fruits and vegetables. OK so it is unlikely that I will actually go blind but it didn't feel too good.

I have to say I'm actually quite proud of myself so far on this go of Weight Watchers. And I think I have their new plan to thank. They have really changed things and it is better for me. The old Flex plan gave me too much freedom. Which is odd...I don't like to be told what to do but if you give me too much robe I can hang myself. This plan gives me freedom but it also gives me guidelines to keep me honest. And I like how they are working activity points this time too. And I admit I'm being more faithful to the plan and last week I saw my biggest first week weight loss in all 5 (maybe 6) times of doing Weight Watchers. So that was an incentive to keep at it.

Now based on the program I should be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. And I admit some days are better than others. I mean I have to walk at work down a long hall to get to our work room (copier, fax, coffee, other essentials) but I doubt that is enough unless I do it 15 times. Which some days I do...others I'm good if I leave my office. I'd been trying to take the dogs for a walk but the two are a little tricky. Eva is good but Ares is a puppy and goes every which way...because he is a puppy. And we had 90 degree weather this weekend...not good for puppies or doggies or really their people to go walking any distance in. So I think I need to join the YMCA near I want to do weights which I can't do at home because I don't have weights. So I think I may stop there on my way home. I'm also considering getting a bicycle so J and I can go riding. I'm just trying to come up with variety. Because if I get bored. I stop doing. It's bad I know. But I also know it is my cross to bear. Wish me luck...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Please Pray

Prayer Request...

Please pray for my dear friend S...who is in danger of losing his job due to budget cuts. He and his wife are both on pins and needles right now. It is a hard time for everyone and they could use prayers.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Walk to Run

The saying have to walk before you can that is what I'm going to do...literally. I joined Weight Watchers meetings on Monday and they are encouraging people to get active. Between now and June 6th they want us to get to the point where we are walking (or running) a 5K (3.1 miles). At first I thought well I'll walk it...but then I thought to myself "Megan, that really isn't much of a challenge." I walk my dog about 2-2.5 miles when we walk so 3 miles would be really easy. So with some encouragement I've decided to work toward running it. And through the great website they are giving me a plan of walking/running along with some great tips. Because of the weather I've been a little slow going...freezing cold and rain don't really make good running/walking weather but it is nice today and is supposed to be for a while. So Eva and I will get our training on...might even get J out with me. I hope so...I would love for us to do walk/runs together. Wish me luck...I'll keep you posted.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Week...How Holy is it?

I work in a church. I love my co-workers they are wonderful people. And to be honest...and slightly biased...our church members are pretty awesome too. And Holy Week is the high Holy pun intended. However, working in a church causes this week to be stressful, tense, and not so holy sometimes. I'm kind of disappointed in that because I like Holy Week and the history that goes with it. So I'm trying really hard to put the "Holy" back into Holy Week. And to remember why we are here and what we are remembering.

***Soap Box***

Today is Good Friday...also known as Black Friday. Although it is a day of sadness because Christ died for us today. It is also very much a day of triumph because we know the rest of the story...Christ rose from the dead. And because of his sacrifice and the sacrifice of God...we are forgiven. Does it get any better? So today I am trying very hard to remember that Christ died not just for me...but also for the "lovely man who cut me off in traffic," for the kids in our area who are committing crimes for their gang initiation, for the people who frustrate me sometimes, and for everyone. Whether we think they deserve it or not...they are children of God...and if we're honest we don't deserve it either. That is the beauty of God's grace...there is nothing we did, can do, or will do that will cause us to deserve God's grace but God gives it to us anyway.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ready to go shopping...

I'm so ready for Spring to be here...I like the warm/cool weather that we get in Virginia both in the Fall and the Spring. But for me I love Spring because it is a new beginning and everything resets and starts new. (I work with computers a lot can you tell?) But the main thing I love about Spring is new light weight clothes. There are so many places that have sent new catalogs with the new Spring/Summer lines and here are some things I love. Although I'm looking for some suggestions on a good pair of jeans. My favorite style has been discontinued....

I love this top by Ann Taylor

For when I'm feeling my biker side...

Boden is fun store...
I love love love shoes...

Easter is a coming...

I work in a church. I love my job because I have great co-workers and most of the time it is fairly calm place to work. (If you like organized chaos) But this time of year there is a crunch...Easter is coming and that means 3 Palm Sunday services, 1 Maundy Thursday service, 1 Good Friday service, 1 Sunrise Service, and 3 Easter services. So 5 bulletins between now and next Sunday. And my boss asks me yesterday if I have any plans on Easter Sunday because he'd like me to be here to help with a video. Now I don't mind because it is part of my job and he is amazing about giving us time off when we work above and beyond but I was looking forward to going to my church for Easter. The joys of church work...

Another issue I'm facing is I'm stressing and stressing for me means stress eating...and I'm not picky. I prefer sweet to salty but other than that if it's edible I'll eat it. Lately I've been going for full chocolate but later I may go for a cookie or a donut. And the other night I ate a whole bag of Cool Ranch was at least the snack size so that was good. But I need to get it under control. So after Easter...back to Weight Watchers I go.