Friday, April 23, 2010


No this is not a reference to Braveheart this is a reference to our oldest dog Eva. She doesn't like her crate much so this week we've been letting her stay out of her crate but cleaning up stuff so she isn't tempted by things. So far so good. Except that I feel bad for Ares who is in his crate all day while she has freedom. I think he gets jealous that she is out and he is in. J says dogs don't work that way. But they get jealous of attention so why not we'll see how this goes. We may be trying to find a freedom option for Ares too. And I'm hoping Eva doesn't get destructive like she did the last time we tried this...


An interesting mix of old fashioned and new fangled...

For J and I we quickly realized we had been raised in similar families and in similar worlds so to speak. We both had both of our parents in the picture. We both were raised by stay at home moms. We had siblings (although he definitely has more). In our families Mom was the primary parent because she was home. Because of this we find that we kind of have an interesting look on husband and wife roles. For example there a "boy jobs" and "girl jobs" in our house.

Boy jobs...
  • mowing the lawn
  • taking out the trash (this is a big one for me...Dad still to this day does this at my parents house)
  • scooping puppy poop
  • fixing things (cars, sinks, toilets, etc) 
  • catching flying bugs (although really the pets do it best)
  • doing dishes (I cook, he cleans)
  • driving when we go some where (I enjoy driving but when we go somewhere together I prefer he drive)
  • unstopping the sink
  • maintaining the yard...mulch, etc.
  • changing the oil in his car
  • moving heavy stuff 
  • carrying things in from the car (he always gives me the keys and tells me to go open the door he'll get the stuff)
  • taking care of puppies in the morning (taking them out, feeding them, etc)
  • anything electrical
  • paying house bills (mortgage, electric, gas, water, etc)
  • packing the car (although usually he ends up asking for my opinion)
  • pushing the cart in a store (he says its like carrying my books in high school)
  • flatterer
Girl jobs...
  • fixing dinner
  • changing the cat litter
  • unloading the dish washer
  • making coffee in the morning (he'll do it but I try to do that while he is getting ready for work in the morning)
  • feeding the kitties (he'll do it if they bug him)
  • laundry (it is safer this way I have too many special care clothes)
  • getting puppies settled for the day before I leave for work
  • making his lunch 
  • DD (I am not as big a fan of drinking in public so I don't mind at all when we do go out)
  • stopping the sink 
  • dealing with distressed sister-in-laws
  • getting us packed for a long trip
  • cheerleader
Both jobs...
  • Getting the house cleaned for company (he does a great job on a bathroom)
But what I have learned is that it isn't who does the job because of gender it is who does it because we do it well or because we like doing it. I for one hate yard work. I don't get all excited about the smell of mulch or pulling weeds, etc. but he does so why not let the person who loves it do it. I enjoy cooking I find it relaxing in most situations (except when I'm pushing it and company will be there in 10 minutes) he doesn't enjoy it so again it makes sense that I do it.

We went through a bit of trial and error to get here. But our system works for us. He likes to feel needed. I like to nurture. I enjoy being taken care of in many regards although having been single for years I know how to take care of myself. But for now I'll enjoy him taking care of the boy jobs while I take care of the girl jobs.

What about you how do you divide labor? Do you take on traditional roles or do you break the mold?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Held to a Higher Level

Even if you aren't a football fan, you may have heard about Ben Roethlisberger's recent suspension for six games following an incident in Georgia involving a 20 year old girl. Although he hasn't been convicted (I don't even think charges have been filed) the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell is punishing Roethlisberger for his behavior and lack of good judgment. Sadly this isn't the first time Roethlisberger has been in trouble for something like this...back in 2008 a woman accused him of rape.

If you are not familiar with the story please...go here or here to learn more about it.

Some argue this is too harsh a punishment because he hasn't been convicted of anything. Others argue if Michael Vick got suspended for a year over dogs how come Roethlisberger isn't getting the same punishment? I for one think that six games with the possibility of it being dropped to four seems like more of a slap on the wrist. I realize that this will cost him approximately $2.8 million for something that may or may not have happened but the pattern is there and he used poor judgment. I think he is to an extent using his popularity and name to get away with things that others couldn't get away with. Did he sexually assault a 20 year old young woman? I don't know but it doesn't sound good for him. Did he make a stupid decision putting himself alone with a drunk 20 year old young woman? yes. Does it bring a question? yes. Does he deserve to be punished for marring the young woman's reputation, his reputation, and his team's reputation in question? yes he does.

With people like Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, and Ben Roethlisberger in the news for various mistakes. So what do you think should celebrities be held to a higher standard?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Update...

We had a pretty busy weekend this weekend but we got a lot done so that was good.

Friday I ended up working later than I thought because we had a partial power outage and then a church member came in and needed to talk. That is a part of my job that I can't always account for...sometimes things come up last minute. And to be honest it was one of my favorite members so I didn't mind. Then when I got home I woke up J so we could go grocery shopping. We decided to go to the commissary... a bit crazy because of the fact that it was pay day weekend but really it wasn't too bad. We got everything we needed and headed home. We planned to unload the groceries and then start cleaning up the house. Best laid plans...we got home and unloaded the car...worked a logic puzzle to pack the freezer...cleaned out the slightly overstuffed fridge. And then I hit my energy wall. I was hot and tired and in no mood to clean house. So we decided to take it easy and get a good nights sleep and start fresh in the morning.

Well he got a phone call from a friend who is going through some crap and so I got an energy spurt and cleaned up the kitchen counter and the bar. With my new favorite product...fabuloso. That meant less to do Saturday.

Saturday Ares woke us up at around 7:30 AM...we got up got he and Eva settled and started cleaning. I worked on shampooing the couch and cleaning the cushion covers while J worked on vacuuming the kitchen and mopping the kitchen floor. Then we moved upstairs to vacuum the stairs, the hallway, etc. J cleaned the bathroom while I changed the cat litter and shampooed the carpet in the craft room. Then we went back downstairs to put the couch back together and vacuum. His sister was coming at 6:00 and we were cutting it close. They got there early and I didn't have dinner done so M and I talked while I fixed dinner and the guys hung out outside. We had a nice dinner of Chicken Parmesan, salad, and bread sticks. Followed by a Kahlua layered dessert that was really sinfully yummy. We had a great time with good food and conversation. I may or may not have set the oven on fire due to some residue grease. But I'm not fully admitting fault on that one. We ended up staying up late so I could get dishes cleaned up.

Sunday We let Eva and Ares sleep in our room Saturday night and they let us sleep until 9:00 AM Sunday. We got up made coffee and J cooked breakfast. It was delicious. We were going to try and go to church but we didn't quite make it. We watched Ghostbusters and Fools Gold. Then we napped for a bit before we had to go to an event for my work. We went to the event which included wonderful food and excitement over our new building campaign at work. It was an enjoyable evening. I look forward to seeing what is ahead for work. We got home and watched the last few minutes of Minute to Win It  and Celebrity Apprentice. J did some laundry and we headed to bed.

A busy but fun weekend and I have a clean house!!!


I have two goals this week...

1) to get to the gym three days this week...

2) blog on a more regular basis...

We'll see how it goes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A few updates....

We've rejoined Weight Watchers...we both did well on it in the past and so we figured it was worth trying it again. And we're still members at the YMCA so we're going to make an effort to get back there on a regular basis.

I'm signed up for a couple sewing classes over the next couple weeks...I think they'll be fun and enjoyable. And a nice break from work.

Work has calmed down a bit following Easter. This is nice. Although tonight I will be at work until 9:00 PM which makes for a long day...12 hours...

Saturday I went to a bridal shower for J's sister M. It was a very nice afternoon. I'm glad it went so well for her. We are having M and her fiance J over for dinner this weekend...I'm trying a new recipe again. I love doing that. In May I think J and I are going to head north for some family time before he departs. Should be a nice time to visit Michigan and Indiana.

We are also working on some house things...J has worked really hard on the yard the past couple weekends. It is looking good...if the grass would just keep up. Now we have a few indoor projects to work on...all in due time.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I AM...

I've seen similar posts and enjoyed reading them so here's mine...

 I AM...
  • a Christian
  • a wife
  • a daughter
  • a sister
  • a daughter-in-law
  • a sister-in-law
  • a baker
  • a cook
  • a comedian
  • a skeptic
  • a trusting soul
  • a lover
  • a fighter
  • a sewer
  • a beader
  • a reader
  • a writer
  • a courteous person
  • an oblivious person
  • a student
  • a teacher
  • a follower
  • a leader
  • a watcher
  • a doer
  • a bit fiesty
  • a dog person
  • a cat person
  • a traveler
  • a homebody
  • a lover of technology
  • a lover of simplicity
  • a clutter creator
  • an ENFP
  • a speeder
  • a friend
  • a person who holds doors for strangers
  • a slightly impatient driver
  • a hands off cell phone user while driving
  • a military wife/brat
  • a chocolate lover
  • a connoisseur of good wine
  • a hostess
  • a guest
  • a recycler
  • a shopper
  • an employee
  • a stressed person
  • a laugher
  • a cryer
  • a foodie
  • a blogger
What are you?

Just because it is low in calories doesn't make it worth it...

I am a person that believes if you're going to do it do it all the way...this is probably what has gotten me into trouble from time to time...maybe.

When it comes to food I can handle light foods...for example
  • Light Ranch...(Kraft or Hidden Valley Ranch)
  • Light Sour Cream...(Daisy)
  • Light Cream Cheese...(Any brand will do)
  • 1 % milk...(Any brand will do)
  • Lowfat Creamer...(But not sugar free)
  • Lean ground beef
  • Ground Turkey Breast
  • Etc.
But some foods I'm not willing to go light...if I'm going to eat it I'm going to go for the full item...for example
  • Cheesecake...why make it light...enjoy a smaller piece
  • Peanut Butter...I've found the light doesn't make that much difference if you portion control
  • Maple Syrup...I'm a snob on this one...I have to have the real thing
  • Coke...if I'm going to drink pop it has to be the real deal 
  • Butter...I use less if I use the real stuff
What are some of the foods you are willing to go light on? What are some of the foods you aren't?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Giveaway

I love Lori's jewelry and her choice of beads. She is offering a very sweet giveaway over at her blog Pretty Things. She is offering either jewelry or if you are a beader a grab bag of beads.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday. Today we celebrate Christ having his last supper with his disciples. Today he told them that one of the would betray him. Today he prayed in the Garden for the cup to pass him by. Today he prayed "not my will but your will." Today he is arrested.

And so begins the time of remembering Jesus' ultimate sacrifice for us. It is so easy to focus on the celebration of Easter. But we wouldn't have the resurrection without the time before it. 

My First Bike Ride

I've decided to tell some stories about my childhood to give you some background...this week we start with my first time riding a bike by myself...successfully.

We lived in Alaska when I was learning to ride a bike. We had bumpy dirt roads with pebble sized gravel. And I admit I had a pretty big learning curve when trying to learn. I crashed into trash cans, fences, and even between two connected mail boxes where I got stuck. My brother and my Dad had to stop laughing in order to help me. So I became a little apprehensive about bike riding.

Then one brother and I were out and he talked me into trying it again. He promised he would hold onto the seat and I would be fine. He ran along with me but unknown to me he let go of the seat and just ran along. Then he stopped running along side. And amazingly I remained upright. I had successfully learned how to ride a bike. I was thrilled. Now this is not to say that there were not accidents. Oh there were...

The day before I started 4th grade I wiped out on my bike and had scrapes on both knees and both elbows. Mom put the big gauze bandages on them to protect them. But to go to school the next day I wore a long sleeve blouse and a long skirt to hide my bandages. That didn't last too long...I had to share the story and show the bandages.

I still love the feel of being on a bike there is something about the wind blowing across ours just says Harley on the side ;-)