Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Coming...

I have had multiple people around me sick with multiple things from a cold to bronchitis to a nasty flu bug. I have managed to avoid it quite successfully but I have a fear it is coming. I woke up this morning with a headache, a bit of stuffiness, and that twinge in your throat. So I'm drinking hot tea, eating oranges, and taking my vitamins...I might even try chicken soup. I'm working really really hard to stay healthy. Wish me luck.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Act of Valor

I went to see Act of Valor over the weekend. I won't talk too much about the content because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. I will say that I truly enjoyed the movie. I thought it was well done and showed the Navy Seals and Riverines in action without giving away real trade secrets. I really liked the way they depicted the camaraderie of the Navy Seals and of the families. I thought it would be more of a tear jerker than it was but most of it was action oriented.The movie was a fairly typical military action movie. And if you don't like that kind of movie I would suggest you avoid it. But I loved it and I would recommend it.   

A few observations about the crowd. We went to the 4:30 pm showing at a theater where you can order dinner and drinks. The show seemed to be sold out. There were a number of people in the audience that appeared to be military. There were some young kids which I was surprised by. The movie wasn't super graphic but it got the point across and there was some language. For the most part once the movie started the audience was quiet (quieter than normal) except for the woman in front of me. First she was annoyed because they got there late so she missed her opportunity to order food so she had to go out to do it. Then she proceeded to get up every 20 minutes or so to go get more food and alcohol.But the final straw for me was during one of the final very tense fighting scenes when she decided to go on Facebook on her phone to read updates and nudged her significant other to read them. So during a serious scene in the movie I have this crazy bright smart phone in my line of sight. It was extremely distracting and to me it seemed like something that could have waited until later. I was going to ask her to put it away but about the time I was ready to say something she put it away. I suspect what happened is that her guy wanted to come and she did not so she didn't care about watching the movie. I guess I figure for the cost of a movie I wouldn't waste my money coming to see something I didn't want to see.

So did you see any good movies this weekend?

Friday, February 24, 2012


"Life's all about moments, of impact and how they changes our lives forever. But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them?" Leo from The Vow

I went to see the movie The Vow over Valentine's Day weekend. I admit it wasn't exactly how I thought it would be but it was a good movie. I enjoyed it. I'm a fan of the lead actors so that probably had something to do with it. 

The line above jumped out at me. There are so many moments in my life that I treasure. I can't imagine not having them. My husband and I got into a discussion about moments we remember or that we cherish. Here are some of our favorite moments...

  • the first time he saw me
  • our first kiss
  • our first I love you
  • when we got Eva (our first dog)
  • when we got Ares (our second dog)
  • when I met his family (and they loved me)
  • his all time favorite...when I said I Do
  • the first time I saw him
  • our first kiss
  • our first I love you
  • dancing in our living room to our song on our first anniversary at midnight with Eva sitting between us
  • when I saw him at the airport for his first trip home
  • when he came to work with me on Easter Sunday and sat through all three services (I knew then he was the one)
Those are just a few but they are some of our favorites and I would hate to forget them so I've decided to start a journal that will contain our memories. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Was Tricked...By Family

This is actually a fairly recent story involving my sister-in-law and pizza. When she and my brother were home last we went to breakfast with Dad and his wife. My SiL had toast and coffee. We planned to go to dinner that night at a nice restaurant with Mom. Around 1:30-2:00 we decided to order a pizza. I asked how hungry everyone was and we agreed on one large pizza for the four of us and no breadsticks.

So it arrived and I took a piece figuring I'd come back for more. Well it was really good it had ham and pineapple and just the right amount of sauce and I was hungry so I went to get a second slice. I knew my brother had had a second piece but I didn't think my SiL had and there were only two pieces. Initally I took a piece and then I felt bad because I thought that meant someone would only have one slice. So I went to the kitchen and got a knife to cut it in half. My SiL watched me do this. After I ate my half slice and Mom ate her second slice my SiL proceeds to eat the other half slice. Which I didn't think anything of until it comes out that she had 2 and a half slices.

She confessed that she knew what I was doing but wanted the extra half so she said nothing. (apparently she was VERY hungry) My brother kind of picked on me for thinking a pizza would only come with seven slices but some pizza places have weird number of slices. Everyone had a good laugh but now I know it's everyone for themselves when it comes to pizza in our house.

This post was inspired by...

Mama’s Losin’ It

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

8K Training

So I have a small problem in less than a month I'm walking an 8K. I really haven't done much training for it because my knee has been so sore. Now that I'm cleared I'm trying to get ready for it but I admit I'm nervous. I know that I have two hours to walk it so I'm not worried about not finishing but I'm a bit worried about my friend who's doing it with me getting held back. So I'm trying to increase my endurance and my speed. Wish me luck.

Because it is a themed walk we are trying to decide what to wear to honor St. Pat's. Since we will be walking/jogging we don't want to wear anything too crazy but something fun would be good. So we're looking around the area at local party shops and online for inspiration. Should be fun!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday. It is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. In our family we have almost always had pancakes for dinner on Shrove Tuesday. I never fully understood it as a child but I sure loved eating pancakes. Now working in a church we have an annual pancake supper done by our youth and it is interesting to see how many people come to it. I think it is two fold...it is free and it is tradition. So I will be eating pancakes once again as I get ready to start the season of Lent.

Which leads me to my next topic since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday I have had to do some thinking about what I'm going to give up or take on. A number of years ago a pastor suggested that instead of giving something up for Lent that we take something on, daily Bible reading, helping in a retirement home, helping at a Youth Center, daily meditation, yoga, etc whatever would be a challenge for us and would help us grow in our faith.

This year I've decided to take something on. And like many other Lenten things it is a bit self-serving but it will also be a reminder for me that Jesus suffered for me. I've decided to take on exercise particularly walking the dogs. It is something I should be doing but I haven't been motivated. And I know I'm not taking the best care of my body aka the temple of the Holy Spirit so I would like to do a better job. So there it is out in the open.

What are you giving up or taking on for Lent? Do you celebrate Lent?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Deployments Easy Huh?


I briefly mentioned this in last Monday's random post. I have a friend T who has been dating a guy who is in the Air Force for 5 months. He is currently stationed at a local base so they see each other on weekends and week day evenings as schedule allows. Currently it isn't very different from dating a guy in a civilian job (kinda like when J was on shore duty I got spoiled) he isn't in immediate danger and has a 9-5 schedule so to speak. Well two weeks ago he got the heads up that he was deploying. T called a girl's night so we could help her work through it. During our 6 hour pow wow she kept saying "the deployment is easy, I know I can handle that because it's easy." At the time I just kind of nodded and smiled because she was on a roll. She said she was more worried about their relationship status and where they were headed. I get that. There is a lot of uncertainty in a relationship with a deployment but have a relationship that is still trying to define itself and add a deployment it is unnerving. Then less than a week later they learned he wasn't going because someone else was deploying instead.

After dwelling on mulling this over a bit because that's what I'm struggling with the fact that she repeatedly said deployments were easy. The sarcastic side of me wants to say "really they're easy huh? And you know this how because of all of your vast experience with deployments and the military?" But two things came to play on this first she's a friend and that isn't really a way to talk to a friend and second I heard Wife on the Roller Coaster in my head calling those of us who have more military experience to help educate those who are new. T has never been affiliated with the military she was born and raised in one place and no one close to her has ever been military. Having grown up as an Air Force brat I had a good idea of what I was getting into with J. T does not fully grasp the military life. She however thinks she gets it completely. And makes comments that could be taken wrong in certain crowds. So here are my words of wisdom for her.

Be aware of your audience. There will be times when you are in a circle with someone
whose spouse has been deployed many times with a short turnaround,
or someone whose spouse is in a very dangerous area or
you may be in a group with a spouse who lost her spouse during a deployment.
Do not assume you know how something is until you've gone through it.
It may be easy for you and that is great but most likely it will be harder than you think.
Just because I'm not a basketcase 24/7 doesn't mean I find deployment easy.
I just don't wear my emotions on my sleeve because that's not who I am.
How would you feel if I said being a single mom was easy. I'm not one. I don't know.
So I don't make comments because I don't live your life.
Listen to the advice of those who have been through it (military life).
We are more than happy to share, support, and encourage.
But don't tell us you know how it is and it is easy because you don't know yet and it isn't.
Show us respect and we will respect you.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feeling an Itch

So I'm not sure what it is about February/March in my life but I tend to feel an itch to do something. In past years this has been a tattoo. I got my first tattoo February 28th, 2007 and I got my most recent one on March 25th, 2011. Most of the times I've cut my long hair super short have been in February/March. Now October of 2008 I flipped from my spring craziness to fall and dyed my hair black and pierced my nose.

I'm feeling an itch to do something again it is that time of year for me after all. I thought about another tattoo but I don't have anything in mind and since it is permanent I don't want to pick some random thing. I thought about cutting my hair but every time I do that I regret it a week later and then have to go through the annoying grow out process. I thought about coloring my hair a radical color but frankly I like the dark auburn I dye it now. So now I'm leaning toward a Monroe piercing like the one below. I haven't decided for sure so we'll see. I'm going to think it over for a few days to see if it is just a thing or if I really want it. (that's what I do) The thing I like about piercings is you can always take them out.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Reverse Bucket List

Here is a list of 10 things I never want to do...

10) I never want to be buried alive...this is a pretty big one for me not that I go around thinking about it on a daily basis or anything but having watched it in movies, tv shows, etc I can tell I would go crazy long before anything else happened.

9) I never want to have a fish pedicure...there is a pedicure where you have live fish cleaning your feet as part of the pedicure. That messes with me in a major way. I love a pedicure but the fish would freak me out.

8) I never want to run because I have to...aka because someone is chasing me. I don't like to run for fun so I certainly don't want to have to run to save myself but I would.

7) I never want to climb Mt. Everest or Mt. McKinley...I'm quite proud of people who do but I don't want to go climb major mountains.

6) I never want to go bungee jumping...sky diving I feel I could handle but bungee jumping with the bounce factor just seems crazy to me.

5) I never want to go back to school...I used to want to go get a Master's Degree and/or a Doctorate Degree but I've decided that's not for me and I'm not sure the cost is worth it. Now that being said I could see myself going into the career switcher program to become a teacher or to yoga instructor training but not a full degree.

4) I never want to have four cats again...I love my cats but I admit there are days where the four of them are a bit much. So when they die I will not be replacing them until we get below two.

3) I never want to move again...now I know this may be unrealistic as a military wife but I've moved a lot in my time and it is not something I want to do.

2) I never want to go to prison...the good thing is I'm pretty law abiding citizen so I don't think this is likely but I just don't think I'd do well in prison.

1) I never want to have a black car in front of my house with two uniformed people knocking on my door...I think as a military spouse this is the ultimate of things we don't want to do.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good Deeds. Great Needs. | #GoodDeedsMovie

Sometimes everyone just needs a bit of a hand. Lionsgate is teaming up with Covenant House to help homeless youth get back on their feet. Please take a moment to go to this link and see what they are hoping to do and if you feel so led share it. Good Deeds. Great Needs. | #GoodDeedsMovie

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day ~ Another Part of Our Story

Four years ago five days after our first date my husband and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day. It was actually pretty smooth on his part because it was on a Thursday and he invited me to come over on Wednesday night to spend the night so we woke up together on Valentine's Day. (ok don't judge my behavior we moved quickly) It was very sweet.

Now the Valentine's Day the next year was not so smooth...Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday that year. So on Friday night we agreed to have dinner with my parents and then we would do our thing on Saturday. We had reservations at a local restaurant at 7:00 PM. There was a Hail and Farewell for one of J's co-workers that day at 2:00 PM so we figured it wouldn't be a problem. At 5:00 PM there was no sign of J so I tried calling him. I got a text that he was going to be there for a few more minutes then he'd head home. Sounded good. Until 6:30 PM rolled around and still no J. I tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. I called my parents to cancel dinner and the restaurant to cancel our reservations. I figured he was caught in tunnel traffic but I didn't want to delay everything so I figured easier to reschedule. At about 7:30 PM I get a very apologetic call from him that he was just leaving the Hail & Farewell. He gets home and tells me that this guy who he thought hated him told him he had far more potential than he was ever given credit for and it was very emotional for J.

So we decide to go on about our evening and go to a friend's going away party (different person). We end up getting into a fight at the party and his friends try to calm me down. That didn't go well. So when we got home we hashed it out and in a discussion about how according to him I lived just fine without him and if he died going on deployment my life would be just fine. I explained to him that no things would not be the same and I would not be just fine if something happened to him. He also had this illusion that deployment wasn't as big a deal for the one left behind because we have our jobs, our homes, our lives, etc so things just go on. I then proceeded to explain that yes we did have our lives, our jobs, our homes, etc but we also lived with the fear of a black car pulling up in front of our house and a knock on the door. He had honestly never thought about it that way and it was quite an eye opening conversation for both of us. That night we go to bed feeling pretty good about us and our Valentine's Day weekend.

The next day (Valentine's Day) we wake up go about our morning routine with coffee, etc. We were meeting Mom and Dad for lunch and things were going good. Our first anniversary was earlier in the week and he had given me a card and flowers and I hadn't given him anything so I gave him a card and some cologne for Valentine's day. We decided that we didn't want to try to go to dinner so we would do dinner at home. But we wanted to come up with some Valentine's tradition. We did and we headed off to go shopping. On our way home we were going to stop at a friend's bar that was having a grand opening that weekend. While we're out shopping he gets a phone call from his sister. He ignores it because we're in the middle of our Valentine's Day celebration. She then calls me and I ignore it. She then calls me again. I decide to answer in case something weird has happened like she and her boyfriend broke up. She asks me if J is there I tell her of course. She asks me how we are. I tell her good. She asks me what we're doing. I tell her we're out for Valentine's Day. Then she whispers that her boyfriend asked her to marry him and she said yes. And admittedly we're both silent. Then we both say congratulations. She wants to talk wedding stuff, etc and we're thinking it's Valentine's Day you should get back to your fiance and we should get back to our Valentine's Day stuff. But we chit chat. As soon as we hung up the phone our night went down hill. J was ticked because his sister's boyfriend made a big deal about how he was going to talk to family before proposing and he didn't. And I was (embarrassingly now) upset because she got engaged first and I was going to have to hear about it for the next year. (selfish I know)

So we give up on our shopping and head to our friend's bar. We play pool and I drink one too many Captain and Sprites. I text my single girlfriends grumbling about her engagement. And J is just in a pissy mood because of his sister. We go home and go to bed. The next day we get up and he can tell I'm upset (through my hangover) so we talk and he explains its not a contest and the fact that she's engaged doesn't mean anything...blah blah blah. And I text my single friends apologies for being so insensitive. He had to go to Florida for work so we get him packed and I take him to the airport. After I get him off I meet a friend for dinner and a movie. I realize while watching He's Just Not That You that I am a very lucky woman. My boyfriend is a far better "husband" than some husbands and he excels at being a husband compared to my ex-husband. So I tell him this through a text because he can't talk. Here is the gist of my text...

"Honey I'm an ass. I've truly been a jerk about this whole thing
with your sister and her engagement. Who cares if we're engaged or if we ever get engaged.
We wake up every day and choose to be together. And I don't need a ring to be happy with you.
You are a better husband as a boyfriend than my ex was as a husband.
You love me for who I am, where I am and for that I love you! Happy Valentine's Day!"

It was that weekend that started me down the path of deciding I didn't want an engagement ring and that tradition isn't all it's cracked up to be. So alls well that ends well. 

What is a Valentine's Day you remember for better or for worse?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Randomness

 Ok I'm slightly annoyed I had a nice long post about Random things typed up and when I hit publish only the last two came up so I'm retyping this with the hope that I will remember everything. Grrr...

  • Whitney Houston - I'm sorry she died and I truly feel for her daughter. I hope we don't get too caught up in making her into something bigger than she should be just because she died younger than she should have. 
  • Snow - I love snow and on Saturday night we got a whole inch (in this area that's a big deal to me that's nothing) and it was very pretty on Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon it had melted.
  • Knee Update -  I went to the Dr this morning and she wants me to increase my ibuprofen usage she seems to think this will take care of the worst of it for now. This made me happy since I didn't want surgery at all.
  • Shamrock Marathon/Towne Point 8K -I'm still ok to do the 8K but I need to walk it NO RUNNING and I need to pace myself so back to training I go! 

  • Knitting - my cowl is almost done then I plan on moving on to a hat for the hubby. I'll post pictures when it is done.

  • Deployments are easy huh? - a girlfriend of mine has been dating a military guy for the past 5 months and they are unfortunately going to experience their first deployment (her first not his). On Saturday she told me "the deployment will be easy, I'm not worried about it at all, I know I can handle it because it's easy." I pray it is easy for her but in the event that it is not I will be there to support her however I can.
  •  Stirring the Pot - the original post by an young Army wife that contained anti-Guard material is gone but there have been responses all over the MilSpouse community. I admit I had some negative responses of my own but I think Wife on a Roller Coaster had the best response on her blog.
  • Redecorating - I need want to do something to our bedroom. I want to get new bedding, new curtains, new paint, everything. I think part of this is having him gone and part of this is spring fever. I haven't decided what exactly but here are some of my inspirations...
Amy Butler Morning Blossom Sheet Set
Home by Steve Madden, Sanibel Comforter Set

Natori Bedding, Sumatra Collection

Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's All Go to the Movies

From a young age I loved going to the movies. I remember when theaters still had a curtain that opened to expose the screen. Now as an adult although I'm floored at the prices I still love to go to the movies. I'm looking forward to some coming this Spring.

The Vow
I know this movie will make me cry but I love these two actors so I'll go see it anyway. I'm hoping it lives up to the previews.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence
I am a bit of a Comic Book geek. I'm ok with this. I loved the Ghost Rider comic book so I'm excited that there is another Ghost Rider movie.

Journey 2: The Mysterious  Island
I know this will be slightly cheesy but it has The Rock and it just looks like it will be a fun movie. So I'll take a look at this one.

This Means War
I think this movie looks hilarious. And I adore the actors in this movie too. I like it because it doesn't look like it will require much thought and it will have a decent story.

Act of Valor
Come on the preview leaves me a mess but I'm still going to see it. I mean it's about Navy Seals and I'm a sucker for military movies. I know it will be a tear jerker for me though.

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds
At first I wasn't so sure because I'm not a fan of all of Tyler Perry's movies but this looks like one of his good ones. I think it will be a movie that makes you think about where you are in life and how you got there.

The Lorax
This is just a win-win! I love the Lorax book from childhood and the people who did Despicable Me are doing this movie and I loved that movie so I think this will be great!!

Mirror Mirror
Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen how can I resist. I admit Once Upon a Time and Grimm have renewed my love of Fairy Tales so this is right up my ally. Plus two of the people from Pit Boss are in it. Does it get better?

The Avengers
The ultimate in Comic Book geekiness. A collaboration of comic book characters in one movie. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, etc all in one movie. This should be great!

What are you looking forward to movie wise?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Is Not Good aka Knee Issues

So my knee is not quite there (the picture) but it has been having issues. I'm trying to get ready for the 8K in March so I'm not happy about this at all. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday to discuss my options. Mainly it has just been tender nothing too serious but enough that I'm cautious with it.

My struggle with my knee (my right one) began in 5th grade. We were playing kickball with a really big rubber ball and I was running to first base when someone through it at me to get me out and somehow I tripped and ended up bending my knee the wrong direction. At the time the advice was elevate it, ice it and take some ibuprofen. So it was basically ignored. It never healed correctly and I've had issues with it since then. I was diagnosed with arthritis in it at the age of 15. I've injured it playing softball, running, and once when my 60lb pit bull ran into it with his head. At the time of my last injury they did an MRI and told me that my knee cap was in the wrong place so they put a J-Brace on it and sent me to physical therapy. It helped some and for a bit it's been doing good.

Until now...I will admit I'm frustrated with it because I want to exercise for health, weight loss and to prep for my 8K but it is too tender. And it is a double edged sword because I know that exercise will strengthen it and weigh loss will help it so I'm frustrated. I can't wait til Monday because at least maybe then I'll have an action plan.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Care Packages

So I'm currently working on a care package for the hubby. I'll admit sometimes its tough to come up with ideas. I know what he likes but I have to be aware of what will travel well, what fits in the box, what will fit on the ship, and it can't be anything too crazy. I admit I shop at perpetualkid.com a lot for his care packages. That along with Sour Patch Kids, Starbucks Via, and shower stuff are popular fillers for his box. Here are some of my recent items...

The Hulk
It's a little cheezy but it's cute. As a child he LOVED the Hulk. One Halloween when he was 5 or 6 he had his Mom cover him in green body paint and cut off his shorts so he could go as Hulk. It took forever to scrub off the green paint and he nearly froze (Michigan in October) but he loved it.

Grenade Stress Ball
He talks about stress a lot so this seemed appropriate. My only concern was would it be bad because of its shape. I think he'll be fine because it looks so incredibly fake.

Doomed Crystal Shot Glass
He loves skulls and he loves shots this just seemed perfect. It's really quite cool looking. I'm sure it will look great with Jager in it.

And of course I couldn't just shop for him so I got myself something too...a new door stop for work.
Foot in the Door

So what are some things you put in their care packages?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top 10 Celebrity Crushes

My husband and I joke about celebrity crushes all the time. He and I both agree they are harmless and fun. We haven't done like Ross and Rachel and made a laminated list or anything. Basically we acknowledge they exist and move on. So here are my top 10...(in no particular order)

Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello - When I first saw him on True Blood I didn't think much of it. Then I got a closer look...yeah umm be honest ladies how could you not have a crush. Plus in interviews he always seems so nice.
John Corbett
John Corbett - I first saw him in Northern Exposure and fell in love with his goofy and hippy-type character. When he appeared on Sex in the City I adored him. I never understood how she could cheat on him with Big.
Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck - I admit this is an old school crush. I've adored Tom Selleck since I first saw him on Magnum P.I., I thought the show was great, the fact that it took place in Hawaii didn't hurt, and he was adorable. And he has truly gotten better with age...I love him on Blue Bloods.
Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore - Seriously there's not much to say here...I'm a sucker for strong arms (reason # 476 why I married my husband) and Shemar's are stunning. I love his character on Criminal Minds. He was good in Diary of a Mad Black Woman too.

Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer - aka Neil Caffrey on White Collar. There is something about a well dressed man that just makes them sexier. And I realize it's just a character but he is so charming on that show. 

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. - the bad boy himself...well he's cleaned up his act as far as I know and I love him as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. His smirks and quirks make him charming and handsome.

Terrance Howard
Terrance Howard - Those eyes...they get me every time. He is such a great actor! I saw him recently in Red Tales and he was wonderful! Another role I loved him in was Iron Man...the humdrum v line makes me laugh every time.

Alex O'Loughlin
Alex O'Loughlin - When he first appeared in Moonlight I thought that was the perfect role for him. Then he appeared in Hawaii 5-0 and that is the perfect role for him. He is a great actor and I love the personality he projects in his characters.

John Cusack
John Cusack - He is the awkwardly lovable underdog. I first saw him in Say Anything and that was the guy I wanted...the guy who wanted to spend time with me and would do grand romantic gestures. I have enjoyed almost all of his movies. To me I think he falls more into the cute side than the hot side but he's a crush none the less.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale - I admit she is my girl crush. I think she is an amazing actress and absolutely adorable. My favorite movie of hers in Van Helsing she was such a bad*#* chick in that movie. And I think she has a great range as an actress.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Quick Fix

When it comes to weight loss a quick fix would be nice. But it is unrealistic. I've struggled with my weight for years and I admit with J being gone and my parents divorce I've struggled more with emotional eating than I thought I would.

At some point I honestly believe I've stalled my metabolism. So I decided to try the B-Complex shots and a
"Quick Fix" 2 Week Plan to jump start your weight loss. It consists of a weekly B-Complex shot, a weekly Consultation, and your meals for two weeks are three shakes a day and a regular meal. Seems easy enough right?

Well here's the problem I love the B-Complex shots but I can't drink the shakes. I think the chocolate ones are horrible. The vanilla ones I actually like but they both have aspartame in them and aspartame causes migraines for me. But in addition to not really liking them I've determined I like food and I would rather eat healthy meals than drink my meals.

I guess I should have known better with the name "Quick Fix" it wasn't going to be the best solution to my weight loss. But I think that is the thing about weight loss we're always looking for the next best option.

Currently as I sit at my desk I have the following books next to me...

Choose to Lose by Chris Powell (Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition)

Don't Quit Get Fit by Vicki Heath (Assoc. Director, First Place 4 Health)

Our Lady of Weight Loss by Janice Taylor

All is Forgiven, Move On by Janice Taylor

Give God a Year, Change Your Life Forever by Carole Lewis

Notice a trend? To be fair I'm reading these for the Bible study I'm leading on Thursday nights about weight loss but still that is five books about losing weight or getting healthy. It is crazy to me how many resources are out there for losing weight and yet so many of us still struggle with weight loss. I guess that's because there really isn't a "quick fix" for losing weight.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I wish I wrote that...

 I have found myself quoting this poem a lot lately so it seemed fitting to post it. I have underlined the parts I quote most often. I think this poem and Wear Sunscreen both have a lot of really good advice. I wish I had written this.

(A bit of personal history with this poem...my high school (and first) boyfriend sent it to me in a letter when we were in the first part of our long distance relationship. He often quoted it in our conversations and he wanted me to see the source.)

Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.

Strive to be happy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

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My Honeymoon aka being away with hubby

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have lost count of the many times Mom has tried to teach me to knit and failed. Well she hasn't failed I have. I struggled with dropped stitches and other frustrations. So I quit...

Recently I found myself drawn to patterns for leg warmers and cowls. Both of which involved knitting. Now I could have gone the easy route and have Mom knit them but I decided to have her try teaching me again. This time she taught my sister-in-law and myself. I love it. I finally got it. Now to be fair I had to restart multiple times so now I'm really good at casting on but I got it. I fell in love with Madelinetosh's pattern for the Honey Cowl and I'm working on a pretty silver (with sequins) cowl for myself. Then I plan on making a black one for myself then I may branch out and make them for friends. We'll see. The next project I'd like to work on is my legwarmers but one project at a time.

Here is my progress so far...
17 Rows Done!!
A closer look
It's a work in progress