Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sweatin' Like It's 1980...

I'm not an exercise person. Ok I've said it. But I know that exercise is important for your health and to lose weight. So I've been in search of something that would get me motivated to go. I am still working on the walking/jogging for 5ks, etc. but I wanted something else to give me some exercise. So when a Groupon popped up for our local jazzercise classes I decided to give it a try.

I went to my first class last week. I love it! It is so much fun. I felt like a goof because I didn't know all the moves but I liked it. It included stretching, aerobics, and some strength training. I'm looking forward to using the rest of my Groupon then I'll decide what to do from there.  

I am also wanting to try some of the aqua aerobics at the Y too just to see how those are. I know they say variety is the spice of life and I think for me that is so true with exercise. 

What is your favorite exercise?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

O Christmas Tree...O Christmas TreeMy M

My Mom's Tree
This weekend my brother was in from England. He had to come to the states for work and decided to make a jaunt down for a long weekend visit. It was nice to see him. I miss him. And we had a lot of fun and laughs. He through us for a loop on Friday because he said he wasn't getting here until 8:00 pm and he showed up at 4:30 pm. But it worked well. We had a lovely dinner and spent some time at Mom's house which was fun.

Saturday I had to work in the morning. So my brother had breakfast with our Dad and then Mom, D (my brother) and I went and did some shopping after I got off work. Then we had dinner at a yummy BBQ place. 

On Sunday we decided we'd have a later start because we wanted to go across the water to do some shopping. D bought Mom and I's Christmas presents while he was here. (it's hard knowing what's under the tree and not being able to play with it) Shopping and lunch took longer than expected because the restaurant was slow and Pandora (our main shopping destination) was crowded beyond belief. We decided later we should have started there not ended there. But oh well. We came back to this side of the water and had yummy Mexican food at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Then we went back to Mom's and decorated the tree. 

Mom hadn't put up a tree for the past two years due to the divorce she just wasn't feeling it. This year it was nice because we decorated it as a family. Although Mom and D gave up hanging ornaments and just unpacked them so I did a lot of the "decorating." But it was fun and it made Mom happy. She says she really likes having a tree back. 

J and I haven't put up a tree together. We haven't quite figured out where we would put it. But we also don't have a tree. This year when I was helping Mom pick out her tree at Walmart I saw a tree that I think would be cool. I may go get it so we have it for next year. It is a black Christmas tree with white lights. 

Have you put up your tree yet? Do you do it the weekend of Thanksgiving? Do you wait? Do you take it down New Year's Day?